Belgium orders RGW90 man-portable anti-tank weapons from German company DND

According to information released on January 28, 2022, German company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) receives an order to deliver RGW90 man-portable anti-tank weapon to the Belgian Armed Forces.
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The RGW90 is a man-portable anti-tank weapon. (Picture source DND)

German company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) received an order from the Belgian Ministry of Defense (MoD) for several delivery batches of RGW90 HEAT/HESH shortly before the turn of the year. The contract, worth approximately EURO 19 million, also includes training ammunition for RGW90 subcaliber trainer systems.

The order was placed as a call-off of a recent NATO procurement authorities framework contract between DND and NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA), and is intended to meet upcoming requirements of the Belgian Armed Forces on shoulder-launched multipurpose munitions.

„Dynamit Nobel Defence is honored to have received this order and proud to remain a partner of the Belgian Armed Forces in the field of shoulder-fired munitions. The ordered RGW90 HEAT/HESH systems as well as the quantities of training ammunition for sub-caliber systems will contribute to keeping the infantry operational capability of our customer high for many years to come. The procurement route taken via NSPA is of course also open to other allied armed forces, which would thus like to exploit synergy effects of this form of procurement cooperation," according to the DND statement.

The RGW90 (Recoilless Grenade Weapon) is a 90mm man-portable, anti-armor, multi-purpose weapon system manufactured by German company Dynamit Nobel Defence. The RGW90 HEAT/HESH is an anti-tank and multi-purpose version of the well-known and successful RGW90 series. The weapon can be used from confined spaces and is able to destroy a wide range of land targets as main battle tanks, light armored vehicles, fortified facilities, bunkers, wall structures, and fixed shelters. the HEAT version of the weapon is able to defeat 500mm RHA (rolled homogeneous armor) of combat vehicles.

The RGW90 is a single-use weapon system consisting of a rocked stored in a tube launcher and a fire control system that includes an optical sighting system, night vision system, laser rangefinder, and ballistic computer. The anti-tank weapon has a weight of around 10 kg and has a firing range from 10 to 400 m.