Last of 4 Leopard 2A4 tanks promised by Canada on the way to Ukraine

The four Leopard 2A4s offered by Canada to Ukraine undertook a long journey between the military base in Gagetown, New Brunswick, and the front line in Ukraine, Radio Canada reports. The fourth and final flew to Europe on Thursday, February 9. One hundred Canadian soldiers had to coordinate a complex transport operation in less than two weeks.
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The last of four Leopard 2A4 tanks promised to Ukraine was loaded aboard a Canadian Forces C-17 aircraft at Halifax airport (Picture source: Radio Canada/Jean Bousseau)

Since the Canadian Minister of Defence Anita Anand's announcement, the Canadian military has been busy. It was necessary to choose the tanks to be sent within the fleet, to prepare them for combat and to coordinate the transport operation. It's been years since we've done this so quickly, underlines Colonel Marc Parent, commander of the 5th Canadian Division Support Group. The four tanks sent to Ukraine were used for training at the Gagetown military base. This is why the military was able to mobilize them so quickly.

Less Leopard 2 tanks for Ukraine than expected

According to a report by the German newspaper Die Welt, the Netherlands and Denmark do not want to deliver Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. The Netherlands had previously promised 18 Leopard 2s leased from Germany, part of the German-Dutch battalion. These are not available for Ukraine, the Dutch Ministry of Defense said: "The decision was made in close consultation between the Netherlands and Germany", said its spokesman. According to the report, Danish government sources said the country would not deliver any of its 44 Leopard 2A7 tanks. At the same time, there are indications that Finland is not providing any tank either.