Russian AK-15 could become standard assault rifle of Bangladesh army

According to a tender published by the Bangladesh Ministry of Defense, the Bangladesh army would like to acquire 2,000 AK-15 7.62mm caliber assault produced by the Russian company Kalashnikov and could become the new 7.62mm assault rifle of the Bangladesh army.
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Russian-made AK-15 7.62mm assault rifle. (Picture source Rosoboronexport)

According to open sources information, the assault rifles in service with the Bangladesh army includes the BD-08, a Chinese Type 81 7.62mm caliber produced under license in Bangladesh, Type 56 7.62mm caliber a Chinese variant of the Soviet AK-47, M4 carbine 5.56mm caliber, Type 56 7.62mm caliber carbine and Zastava M59/66 7.62mm carbine.

Citing information published on the Twitter account of Defense Technology of Bangladesh-DTB, the Russian AK-15 could be the next generation of assault rifles that will equip the Bangladesh armed forces.

The AK-15 is a new variant of the AK-12 chambered in 7.62×39mm produced by the Russian firearms manufacturer Kalashnikov. The assault rifle was designed based on the AK-12 model and is considered as a next-generation personal weapon providing improved combat performance, versatility, accuracy, and precision.

The AK-15 is a gas-operated, selective fire weapon. The internal mechanism keeps the original design of the traditional Kalashnikov assault rifle. Several changes were made to the gas tube, foregrip, magazine well. It looks like this weapon has got a new barrel.

The AK-15 has a modern design with the Picatinny rail mounted on the upper part of the receiver and has foldable buttstock with adjustable length. The weapon has a length of 880 to 940 mm, 690mm with the buttstock folded and a weight of 3.5 kg.

The AK-15 uses the standard 30 rounds magazine is compatible with the standard 30-round magazines, of AK-103 and AKM, as well as the 40-round box and 75-round drum magazines of the RPK light machine gun.