Indonesian Harimau Tiger Medium Tank successfully passes firing acceptance test

According to Defense Studies, PT Pindad (Persero) carried out a firing test for the First Article Medium Tank Harimau (Tiger) product on February 24-25, 2022 at the Infantry Education Center (Pusdikif) of the TNI AD Cipatat, West Bandung Regency. Let us recall that, in August 2018, PT Pindad had announced firing tests with the Kaplan MMWT (Modern Medium Weight Tank) to control all the functions of the 105-millimeter CT-CV turret system (3105 of the 3000 series), designed and developed by the Belgian Company CMI Defence, renamed John Cockerill Defense in 2019.
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Firing test with Harimau/Tiger Medium Tank's 105 mm gun (Picture source: PT Pindad)

The shooting test activity is one of a series of Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) for the Harimau/Tiger Medium Tank. The purpose of the firing test activity was to determine and ensure the operation of the turret with a 105mm cannon, meeting the requirements and the latest design specifications that received various improvements. At Defense & Security Thailand 2019, John Cockerill announced the signing of a Letter of Intention with PT Pindad to supply 18 C3105 turrets to be fitted on the Harimau.

The Tiger Medium Tank is one of the government's 7 strategic development programs to increase the capability of the Defense Industry BUMN in building technological mastery towards the independence of domestic defense equipment. In collaboration with the Turkish company FNSS, Pindad has gained knowledge, experience, and references to international standards regarding tank development.

Previously, the Tiger Medium Tank underwent a series of Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) which were carried out at Turkey's FNSS test facility on August 8-14, 2021. The series of tests carried out included 60% incline obstacle test, trench crossing test, braking test, 30% incline cross test, turning radius test, fording test, and various other tests. After undergoing various series of FAT tests at the Turkish FNSS factory (which calls this tank Kaplan in the Turkish language), the Tiger Medium Tank underwent further tests in Indonesia and focused on the firing test of the 105 mm cannon.

The firing test was carried out with a static Tiger Medium Tank position and a static target of 1,250 meters measuring 4x4 meters, using HEP-T (High Explosive Plastic-Tracer) rounds, and TPCSDS-T (Target Practice Cone Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Tracer) rounds. The first session was a visual test of the 105 mm turret to ensure that the integration and configuration of the latest design of the Tiger Medium Tank met the requirements and specifications. Testing is done by checking the working principle, barrel, aiming tool, features, movement until the buttons are functioning properly.

The second session was a test firing with the 105 mm cannon. PT Pindad (Persero)'s Industrial Quality 2 Manager, Suparno, acted as the Chief Executor of the Shooting Test Activity, giving the signal to shoot. The test began with shooting in a front-facing position, then proceeds to the right, left, and ends rearward. Each shooting position was tested using 1 bullet. The results of the firing test were that the Tiger Medium Tank successfully shot on target with the turret remained stable and all turret functions worked properly, according to the requirements.

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Loading 105mm rounds in Harimau's John Cockerill Defense C3105 turret (Picture source: PT Pindad)

After carrying out the firing test, the Tiger Medium Tank with the latest design and configuration carried out various propulsion tests. The series of tests carried out were the acceleration test and the deceleration test which were carried out on the toll road located at km 125 Padalarang - Bandung. Then, it was continued with parallel beam test, embarkation test, side-slope test and human test which was carried out at PT Pindad (Persero), Bandung.

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Firing test with Harimau/Tiger Medium Tank's 105 mm gun fitted in John Cockerill Defense's C3105 turret (Picture source: PT Pindad)

One of the improvements to the latest design of the Tiger Medium Tank is the design of the vehicle's front nose angle and driver's perspective. The latest design on the Harimau/Tiger Medium Tank avoids collisions between the canon on the turret and the body at an angle of -10° depression. In addition, the latest design provides wider visibility for the driver. The driver's field of view qualifies for maneuvering and provides better visibility.

The Factory Acceptance Test on the Tiger Medium Tank product became an important momentum for PT Pindad (Persero) as evidence of its capability in mastering technology in the defense sector, especially combat vehicle products. With various improvements to the design and the success of the First Article Medium Tank Tiger test firing, it is hoped that PT Pindad (Persero) will be able to advance and strengthen national defense.

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The Harimau Medium Tank was unveiled during IndoDefense 2018 in Jakarta (Picture source: Army Recognition)