IAI from Israel validates contract with Morocco to deliver Barak MX air defense missile systems

According to information published on the "Globes" website on January 13, 2022, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) confirms a contract to Barak MX advanced air and missile defense system to Morocco. The contract will reach an amount of $500 million.
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Barak MX is an advanced Air & Missile Defense System that provides a single integrated solution for multiple simultaneous aerial threats from different sources and different ranges. (Picture source IAI)

In December 2021, Army Recognition had reported that Morocco was in negotiation with IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries) for the acquisition of the Barak 8, a surface-to-air defense missile system.

In November 2021, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz was in Morocco to sign a military cooperation agreement between the two countries. Today Israel has renewed diplomatic relations with several Arab countries including Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar. At the same time, Israel has the ambition to supply high military technologies to several of these countries.

Israel’s relationship with Morocco is long, rich and multidimensional, consisting of diplomatic, intelligence, military, and civilian cooperation.

The Barak MX is an advanced air defense missile system in the Barak family that broadens the Barak into a multi-layered air defense system employing unified smart launchers carrying Short, Medium, and Extended-Range interceptors.

The Barak MX air and defense missile system consist of three main components including the Battle Management Center (BMC), which creates and manages a unified multi-sensor aerial picture, coordinates the force operation networks, and manages the launch arrays. The land-based versions are available in mobile, transportable, and stationary platforms.

The Barak MX TEL (Transporter Erector Launcher) unit is based on a truck chassis with two rows of four container launchers each carrying one missile ready to fire mounted at the rear. In the firing position, the launcher containers are erected in a vertical position. All with vertical launch capabilities supporting 360° coverage, quick reactions, short minimal ranges, and an active high-end RF seeker for targets with low radar cross-sections and high maneuverability.

The TEL can launch three types of missiles including the BRAK MRAD (Short-Medium Range Missile) fitted with a single pulse rocket motor and has a maximum firing range of 35 km. The Barak LRAD is a Long-Range missile powered by a dual pulse rocket motor to reach a range of 70 km and the Barak ER (Extended Range) missile with a dual pulse rocket motor and an additional booster offering the missile to reach a range of 150 km and enhanced TBM (Theatre Ballistic Missile) capabilities.

The Barak MS can be connected with IAI’s Fully Digital Integrated Phased Array Radars, available in a variety of sizes and configurations.