Online publication unveils Iran's new Rizvan ballistic missile specifications

According to Meshkat on December 27, 2023, an image recently circulated online, purportedly revealing technical specifications related to the Rizvan ballistic missile, which Iran unveiled during a parade on September 22, 2022. The missile is reported to have a range of 1,350 km, which raises concerns about its potential impact on various Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, Saudi Arabia, and parts of Turkey.
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The Rizvan ballistic missile was publicly displayed for the first time during the Holy Defense Week parade in September 2022. (Picture source: Mehrnews)

The Rizvan ballistic missile, also known as Rezvan, is a single-stage liquid-fueled weapon, publicly displayed for the first time during the Holy Defense Week parade in September 2022. Designed to target strategic enemy sites within a range of 1,350 kilometers, the missile features a detachable warhead.

In terms of physical dimensions, the Rizvan missile measures roughly 12 meters in length and has a diameter of 0.88 meters, resembling the Qiyam ballistic missile, which shares similar dimensions but is slightly shorter at around 11 meters.

However, a notable difference between the two missiles lies in their warhead design. Unlike the Qiyam, which uses a three-cone warhead in both guided and non-guided versions, the Rizvan employs a simpler single-cone warhead without control beams for guidance. Additionally, the Rizvan missile is equipped with jet vanes for thrust vector control (TVC) and stabilizers at the rear of the missile body.

In terms of destructive capability, the Rizvan missile is said to have an effective radius of 200 meters and a lethal radius of 100 meters. It's worth noting that a similar missile named Zulfiqar has been employed in Yemen, targeting installations in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates during the conflict with the Saudi military coalition. The Yemeni variant of Zulfiqar includes a detachable warhead with guidance capabilities, known as Aqeel, which was showcased during the Yemeni Armed Forces parade on September 21, 2023.

Iran has unveiled a wide array of weaponry since November 2023, including the Fattah-2 hypersonic missile, the Heydar air-to-ground missile, the Mehran mobile air defense system, the jet-powered Shahed-238 drone, a new loitering munition known as Shahin-1, a replica of the American Switchblade 300 miniaturized kamikaze drone called Sina, and Karrar drones equipped with Majid air-to-air missiles. Additionally, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy of Iran has announced the development of two new air-to-air missiles designed to target and neutralize hostile drones and guided missiles, with reported ranges of approximately 4 and 17 kilometers. There are also plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into indigenous drones, missiles, and naval vessels.

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This image, recently shared online, potentially reveals technical specifications related to the Rizvan ballistic missile. (Picture source: Twitter/Meshkat)