New HOMAR-K rocket launcher enters into service with artillery units of Polish army

The Polish Army announced on December 27, 2023, the delivery of the first HOMAR-K Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRSs) to artillery units of Polish army. The HOMAR-K represents a cutting-edge hybrid adaptation of the South Korean K239 Chunmoo rocket launcher system, featuring the launcher station of the K239 Chunmoo mounted on a robust, Polish-made 8x8 Jelcz military truck chassis.
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The new Homar-K MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System for the Polish army. (Picture source Twitter account Dowództwo Generalne)

This delivery follows the Poland Ministry of Defense's announcement on December 21, 2023, of a substantial agreement for the procurement of 198 additional Jelcz chassis. These chassis are destined for the Multiple Rocket Launcher System HOMAR-K. The deal, valued at approximately 1.5 billion złotys (around 345 million US dollars), is part of a comprehensive contract spanning from 2024 to 2027. It includes not only the chassis but also the integration of sophisticated control and communication systems and the installation of GPS receivers.

This latest contract is an extension of a previous order placed in December 2022 for 218 HOMAR-K launchers. The acquisition of these 198 new chassis is expected to fully satisfy the equipment requirements for the initial series of HOMAR-K launchers ordered in the previous year, marking a significant milestone in enhancing Poland's defense and operational capabilities.

The newly introduced Homar-K marks a significant enhancement in Poland's military artillery capabilities. This innovative system is a hybrid adaptation of the South Korean K239 Chunmoo multiple launch rocket system, uniquely modified to meet the specific requirements of the Polish military. Distinguishing itself from the original K239 Chunmoo, the Homar-K is mounted on a custom Polish Jelcz 882 military truck with an 8x8 wheel configuration. The "K" in its designation stands for "Kolowy," translating to "Wheeled," highlighting its mobility.

The Homar-K's versatility is evident in its multi-caliber rocket capability. It is engineered to deploy a range of rockets, including 130 mm, 227 mm, and 230 mm variants. Despite being launched from the same platform, these rockets offer different ranges, allowing for strategic flexibility in various combat scenarios. The primary function of the Homar-K is to execute precision strikes deep into enemy territory. It is adept at targeting a wide array of critical enemy assets, including ammunition depots, troop concentrations, military vehicles, radar units, command centers, bridges, airfields, and other vital infrastructure.

Furthermore, the Homar-K is not limited to precision strikes alone. It can also be effectively used against broader area targets and plays a crucial role in countering and suppressing hostile artillery systems. This multifunctionality and adaptability make the Homar-K a formidable tool in Poland's military arsenal, enhancing the country's defensive and offensive capabilities significantly.

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