Kalashnikov delivers first batch of Chukavin sniper rifles for Russian troops in Ukraine

Kalashnikov announced on December 26, 2023, the delivery of the first batch of its Chukavin Sniper Rifles (SVCh). The Russian company expects to supply its troops deployed in Ukraine with this new precision rifle throughout the coming year, indicating that this delivery is not the last, according to the manufacturer.
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Kalashnikov announced the delivery of the first batch of its Chukavin Sniper Rifles (SVCh). (Picture source: Kalashnikov)

Developed and produced by Kalashnikov, the SVCh has passed all necessary acceptance tests, marking the beginning of its serial production. The 2024 timeline underscores the company's commitment to this advanced sniper rifle, as more deliveries are planned for the Russian armed forces.

Alan Lushnikov, President of Kalashnikov, highlights the superior features of the SVCh: "The Chukavin Sniper Rifle offers improved ergonomics and accuracy. It is compatible with various sighting systems, both Russian and international. It also retains the reliability for which the Dragunov sniper rifle is globally recognized, a model that Kalashnikov continues to produce."

The SVCh began its serial development in 2023. The rifle, without its magazine, weighs 4.8 kg and has a caliber of 7.62x54 mm. The total length of the SVCh, including its extended stock and flash suppressor, is 1170 mm, with a barrel length of 620 mm. The SVCh features a reliable gas-operated mechanism with a short-stroke gas piston and a three-position rotary gas regulator, ensuring its effectiveness in various operational scenarios.

In terms of performance, the SVCh is said to be comparable to the American M110 SASS and German PSG-1 rifles. It is designed as a modular rifle system capable of firing different calibers, such as 7.62x54R, 7.62x51mm NATO, and .338 Lapua Magnum. Additionally, the SVCh reportedly has a maximum effective distance of over 2.5 km, with a bullet speed reaching 900 m/s. The rifle can be used in a temperature range from -35 to +55 degrees Celsius. It is noteworthy that the SVCh has been tested in Ukraine by Russian special forces.

This latest development from Kalashnikov underlines the company's role as a leader in the global defense and security sector. However, the battlefield qualities of this new Russian sniper and the feedback it will receive remain to be seen.