Swedish army to get 20 Patria 6x6 Pansarterrängbil 300 armoured vehicles

The international defence and technology company Patria signed a contract with the Swedish Defence Procurement Agency (FMV) for FMV to purchase 20 Patria 6x6 armoured vehicles. The first deliveries of the vehicles, which in Sweden will be called “Pansarterrängbil 300”, will take place in 2023.
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The Patria 6x6 set for delivery to the Swedish army is the APC model (Picture source: Patria)

The Patria 6x6 vehicle was chosen as the platform for a unique Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) collaboration programme between several European countries, participated already by Finland, Latvia, Sweden and Germany. The deliveries to Latvia have been ongoing since end of 2021 and Finland received its pre-series vehicles in the summer of 2022. Sweden joined the 6x6 research and development programme in 2022 and the deliveries this year will be the first steps to meet the Swedish demand for several hundred vehicles throughout the 2020s.

The vehicle is powered by a diesel engine that can produce up to 290 horsepower, enabling it to reach a top speed of 100 km/h. Its fully automatic 7-speed gearbox and 2-speed transfer case provide the driver with precise control and maneuverability. The Patria 6x6 also has modular armor protection that can be customized for different mission requirements, providing defense against ballistic threats, mines, and improvised explosive devices. When fully loaded, the Patria 6x6 weighs up to 24,000 kg, but it has an empty weight of approximately 16,000 kg.

The Patria 6x6 can be armed with various weapons systems, such as a 12.7mm heavy machine gun, a 40mm automatic grenade launcher, and a 30mm cannon. Its independent suspension system on all six wheels provides excellent off-road capabilities and improved ride comfort.

The Patria 6x6 is also equipped with state-of-the-art electronics, including a digital intercom system, GPS, and night vision equipment. Additionally, it has amphibious capabilities and can swim in water with a maximum speed of 10 km/h, thanks to its waterjet propulsion system.

The Patria 6x6 set for delivery to the Swedish army is the APC model, which offers the latest vehicle technology such as state-of-the-art protection for up to 12 crew members. While Patria 6x6 is primarily designed for troop transportation, the vehicle is modular and can be configured for a wide range of different purposes, including command & control and ambulance duties.

“The Swedish Armed Forces have operated Patria’s XA 6x6 and AMV 8x8 vehicles for over three decades in many harsh environments around the world and this new contract for our latest Patria 6x6 vehicle proves that the vehicles live up to our promises,” notes Mats Warstedt, head of Market Area Nordics at Patria. “Patria 6x6 vehicle is also a very good example of Finnish-Swedish cooperation, where a significant value is provided by Swedish suppliers such as the engine and the steel of its armour.”

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