SOFINS 2023: UNITIVE launches its new range of equipment dedicated for Special Forces

The French company Unitive takes advantage of the 10th anniversary of SOFINS (Seminar on the Special Operations Forces Innovation Network) to announce and launch its brand new catalog of solutions and equipment dedicated to special forces, armed forces, and specialized intervention units.
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The French company UNITIVE,  a subsidiary of Etienne Lacroix presents its new range of combat equipment for Special Forces during SOFINS 2023. (Picture source Army Recognition)

UNITIVE, an entity of the Etienne Lacroix Group dedicated to the trade and supply of defense and security equipment and services, will be the main player and exhibitor, alongside Alsetex within the AFUT Group project.

AFUT is the synergy of the three subsidiaries (Alsetex, Falken & Unitive Together) of the Security division of the ETIENNE LACROIX Group.

AFUT is an acronym that takes the initials of the entities and stands for Alsetex, Falken & Unitive Together. To the two leaders in security and defense pyrotechnics, Alsetex and Falken, Unitive is added as an equipment supplier to offer our customers a single counter, a complementary and global range of products that meet their needs, such as helmets, gas masks, ballistic protection, and other law enforcement products.

UNITIVE, which began its activity in 2018, markets innovative products in individual equipment for our police forces and our armed forces, for their missions. For just over two years, it has enjoyed commercial success in ballistic protection with ultra-high-performance titanium helmets from Ulbrichts, of which it is the exclusive distributor for France and equips several French intervention units.

In the field of aiming assistance:

The latest generation RMSx and RMSc products from Shield Sights optimize the use of your handgun. The latest RMSx allows for faster target acquisition due to its wider lens than any other model of its kind. The RMSx, on the other hand, allows for use in difficult environments (humidity/sand/dust). Shield Sights give you the edge in time.

In the field of cutlery:

FoxKnives knives offer a wide range of military or survival knives as well as for everyday use. Recognized worldwide and already awarded, the quality and sharpness of FoxKnives knives are undeniable. Constantly evolving, both technically and in the use of cutting-edge materials, the FoxKnives knife will be your ideal everyday ally.

In the field of visual ballistic protection:

GatorZ ballistic glasses are made from aerospace-grade aluminum, allowing for complete morphological adjustments and settings. The frame of GatorZ ballistic glasses is guaranteed for life. They also offer complete sun protection. Driven by the demands of their users, GatorZ glasses will be an asset to your missions.

In the field of ballistics and armaments:

UNITIVE, which is also a supplier to the French Ministry of Defense for the acquisition of ammunition for Special Forces, will offer small-caliber ammunition (including 9mm) and exclusively True Velocity ammunition.