Poland announces the sale to Ukraine of 100 Rosomak 8x8 armored vehicles

According to a Tweet published by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki on April 1, 2023, Poland will sell 100 Rosomak 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles to Ukraine, which will be produced in Poland. This sale of military vehicles will be financed by the European Union and the United States.
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The Rosomak is a Polish-made 8x8 armored vehicle that is in service with the Polish army. (Picture source Army Recognition)

According to the SIPRI Arms Trade Database, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, Poland has already delivered to Ukrainian armed forces 24 Dozor-B, 18 second-hand Krab 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzers, 14 second-hand Leopard 2A4 MBTs (Main Battle Tanks), 1,000 Piorun MANPADS portable air defense missile systems, 20 second-hand PT-91 Twardy MBTs, 290 T-72M1 MBTs, and 150 Warmate loitering munition.

On July 24, 2022, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that Poland signed an agreement with Ukraine for the delivery of 60 KRAB 155mm tracked self-propelled howitzers for an amount of €650 million financed by the European Union. With this new contract, Poland demonstrates its commitment to strengthening its military support for Ukraine and, at the same time, increasing its local production of military equipment.

The Rosomak is a Polish-made wheeled armored infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) based on the Finnish Patria AMV design. It has been in service with the Polish Armed Forces since 2004. The name "Rosomak" translates to "Wolverine" in English. This versatile vehicle is used for various roles, including troop transport, reconnaissance, and combat support. It is known for its modular design, which allows for easy customization and adaptation to various mission requirements.

The manufacturer and producer of the Rosomak armored vehicle is a Polish company called "WZM S.A.," short for "Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne Siemianowice Spółka Akcyjna." WZM S.A. specializes in the production and modernization of various military vehicles and equipment.

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The IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle variant of the Rosomak is fitted with a two-man turret armed with one 30mm automatic cannon and one 7.62mm coaxial machine gun. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Rosomak armored vehicle features a strategically designed layout that consists of three main sections: the power pack located in the front right, the driver's position in the front left, and a spacious rear area reserved for the troop compartment. The hull of the AMV, made from all-welded steel construction, offers its occupants protection against small arms fire and shell fragments. For enhanced security, an extra layer of passive armor can be added to provide an increased level of protection.

The Rosomak armored vehicle is designed to accommodate a crew of three including a driver, a commander, and a gunner – while also providing space for up to eight fully equipped infantrymen in the rear troop compartment. Access to the vehicle is facilitated through various entry points, including a power-operated rear ramp loacted at the rear of the vehicle. Additionally, there are roof hatches for the crew and infantry.

The Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) version of the Rosomak armored vehicle is equipped with a turret that houses its main armament and additional weapon systems. The most common turret used on the Rosomak IFV is the Oto Melara Hitfist-30P, an Italian-made turret designed for medium-caliber cannons.

The primary armament of the Rosomak IFV is a 30mm automatic cannon, which provides effective firepower against a variety of targets, such as enemy infantry, light armored vehicles, and fortified positions. This autocannon is capable of firing a range of ammunition types, including armor-piercing, high-explosive, and tracer rounds.

In addition to the main gun, the turret often accommodates a coaxial 7.62mm machine gun for close-range engagements and suppression of enemy infantry. The Rosomak IFV can also be fitted with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) to enhance its capability to engage and defeat more heavily armored targets.

The Rosomak is powered by a diesel engine, commonly a Scania DI 12 or DC 13, which delivers sufficient power and torque to propel the vehicle effectively. These engines are known for their reliability and fuel efficiency, contributing to the overall performance and range of the Rosomak. The vehicle boasts excellent mobility due to its 8x8 wheeled configuration, allowing it to traverse various types of terrain with ease. This design provides high maneuverability and off-road capabilities, making the Rosomak suitable for a wide range of missions.

The Rosomak armored vehicle can reach a top road speed of approximately 100 km/h, making it a highly mobile platform for military operations. Its off-road speed will vary depending on the terrain, but it remains a nimble vehicle in various conditions due to its 8x8 wheeled configuration.

The cruising range of the Rosomak is around 800 km, which allows it to cover significant distances without the need for frequent refueling. This range enables the vehicle to undertake extended missions and maintain operational effectiveness while providing crucial support to military forces in diverse environments. The combination of speed and range contributes to the Rosomak's reputation as a versatile and reliable armored vehicle.