Supashock from Australia to provide Retractable Anti-tank Missile Platform for Boxer 8x8 armored vehicle

The Australian company Supashock has signed a contract to provide running gear and suspension systems that drive Rheinmetall military vehicles through a major European defence contract, as well as mechanical and structural parts of the Retractable Anti-tank Missile Platform (RAMP) for Boxer CRV (Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle) for the Australian Army.
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The RAMP is a launcher designed for the Spike LR2 Anti-Tank Guided Missile for the new Boxer 8x8 armored vehicle of the Australian army. (Picture source Supashock)

The contracts signed on April 2021 will generate enduring sovereign capability, growing local employment through training of Australian industry to be able to sustainably supply the ADF and global export.

The RAMP is a launcher for the Spike LR2 Anti-Tank Guided Missile for the Australian Army's new Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle. It will also be installed in the Rheinmetall Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicles, due to arrive in Australia later this year for the Land 400 Phase 3 Stage 2 Risk Mitigation Activity.

In July 2017, German company Rheinmetall has announced a partnership with Supashock through the agreement to acquire forty-nine percent of the Australian-based company. The agreement between Supashock and Rheinmetall Defence takes the partnership between the two companies to a new level shortly after the parties announced a collaboration to develop and manufacture a revolutionary military suspension and integrated intelligent load handling system for Rheinmetall’s range of military trucks.

Supashock creates state-of-the-art active suspension for motorsport and automotive applications to improve performance, safety and ride quality, while Rheinmetall Defence is the largest supplier of military vehicles to the Australian Defence Force.

Rheinmetall has won a contract with Australia to deliver 211 8x8 Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles (CRV) to the Australian Army. The Boxer will replace the aging ASLAV vehicles that are currently in service with the Australian army.