Rostec launches global promotion of modern armored vehicles for airborne forces

Rosoboronexport and NPO High-Precision Weapons holding company (both part of Rostec State Corporation) have started to promote the latest Russian armored vehicles designed for the use of airborne forces: the BMD-4M airborne infantry fighting vehicle and the BTR-MDM armored personal carrier.
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
BMD-4M (Picture source: Army Recognition)

"Kurganmashzavod (part of NPO High-Precision Weapons) has already created all technical documents for marketing both BMD-4M and BTR-MDM. We are already engaged in the promotion of both models together with Rosoboronexport", NPO High-Precision Weapons press service wrote. The holding company also pointed out that the market for airborne armor is specific due to the required characteristics of this vehicle class. “These vehicles are of great interest to countries that have airborne troops in their armed forces. BMD-4M and BTR-MDM will be used by special forces and police units in various regions of the world", the company reported.

The tracked BMD-4M is an updated version of the BMD-4 with a new hull, engine, chassis and other systems. It is equipped with the "Bakhcha-U" turret module armed with 100 mm and 30 mm cannons, and a machine gun.

BTR-MDM "Rakushka" airborne transport vehicle is based on BMD-4M and was created to replace BTR-D APCs introduced into service in the 1970s.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
BTR-MDM (Picture source: Rostec)