India presents modernized version of L70 40mm anti-aicraft gun

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) from India displays its modernized version of L70 40mm caliber anti-aircraft towed gun at the Defence and Security 2017 exhibition in Bangkok. The L70 was originally designed and manufactured by the Swedish Company Bofors.

L70 modernized version 40mm anti aicraft gun India Defense and Security Thailand 2017 in Bangkok 925 001
Modernized version of L70 40mm anti-aicraft towed gun developed by BEL Company of India at Defense and Security Thailand 2017 exhibition in Bangkok.

The Bofors Defence 40 mm L/70 automatic anti-aircraft gun entered service with the Swedish Army in 1951 as the successor to the Bofors 40 mm L/60. The rounds are loaded in 4 round clips, although most systems are fitted with a 26 round hopper. The cyclic rate of fire is 240 rpm and upgrade packages offer 300 rpm. The maximum effective range is 3 to 4 km. The Bofors L/70 40mm can fire a full range of ammunitions as the PFHE Mk2, HCHE, HE-T, APC-T, and P-T.

The upgrade of the L70 was developed according a request of the Indian army to increase the firing capacities of this ant-aircraft gun system against modern aerial threats. The weapon system is fitted with new electro optical firing control system consisting of a computerized fire control. There is also a day and night vision with automatic target tracking and muzzle velocity radar.

The gunner has now a video display to control all the firing operations. The gun carriage is now equipped with state-of-the-art electric drive with battery offering 10 hours of operation.

BEL has also developed a computerized simulator designed to train operators of L70 gunners using the video output of the simulation computer connected to the video display unit. This simulator system enables the gunner to be trained on the modernized version of the L70.