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Cambli Group

Cambli Group Armored Truck Manufacturer
Cambli Group manufacturer tactical armoured trucks designer Company North America Canada Canadian defense security industry
Business Area
Cambli Group is a family-owned business that has been involved in the design and manufacturing of armored trucks for more than 50 years. With 2 manufacturing facilities, Cambli Group is also the largest armored truck manufacturer in North America. Since few years, Cambli Group is also involved in the manufacturing of tactical armoured trucks as the Thunder 1 and the new Thunder 2.
Company details
Cambli Group offers three categories of products, included armored vehicles for transporting valuables, tactical vehicles specially designed for high risk police interventions, and trucks for the transportation of beverages made by the Hesse division. Cambli Group has sold several tactical vehicles to police services in Montréal, Québec City, York and Vancouver, and to the Ontario Provincial Police.

Cambli Group produces a wide range of models and layouts of armored trucks designed from customer requests. With more than 26 Armored truck models from 9,000 lbs t(4,000 kg) o 64,000 (29,000 kg) lbs of GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), the Company Cambli is able to deliver a vehicle suits for your needs.

The company supplies vehicles for a range of commercial and security tasks, including cash-in-transit duties.
Cambli Group manufacturer tactical armoured trucks designer Company North America Canada Canadian defense security industry
Each of Cambli truck models is available with an infinite number of interior layouts. Each layout is designed to suit your operation and to add several layers of protection to the cargo making our truck the most secure of the CIT Industry. Cambli Group has the largest design department in the industry. We can custom design your truck exactly how you want it. Browse through our models and drop us a line.

The first version of the Thunder tactical armoured truck entered service in Vancouver Police Department in 2009. A year later, Cambli established a Tactical & Military Division to concentrate on vehicle applications in these sectors. Now the Thunder 1 is also in service for other police department in Canada, as the York Regional Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Police Department city of Québec and Police department city of Montréal.

In November 2015, Cambli ha launched its new Thunder 2, a tactical armoured truck specially designed for the security requirements and weather and desert conditions in the Middle-East and Africa. The vehicle was shown for the first in live demonstration during the SOFEX Special Operations Forces Exhibition & Conference which was held in May 2016, Amman (Jordan)

The Cambli tactical armoured trucks are being marketed to civilian agencies or police forces in Canada and the United States.
Cambli Thunder 1 tactical armoured truck
Cambli Thunder 1 tactical armoured truck
Contact Information
Headquarters & International Markets

Cambli Group
555 St-Louis
Qhébec, Canada
J3B 8X7
Tel: +1 450 358 4920
Fax: +1 450 358 5314
Email: info(at)

Cambli Group manufacturer tactical armoured trucks designer Company North America Canada Canadian defense security industry
Range of products summary
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Thunder 2 4x4 tactical armoured truck personnel carrier police security vehicle Cambli Canada Canadian defense industry 640 002
The Thunder 2 is a 4x4 tactical armoured truck designed, developed and manufactured by the Canadian Company Cambli Group. The vehicle was launched in November 2015 using a new design for the security requirements and to be used in desert conditions in the Middle-East and Africa.
Thunder 1 Cambli tactical armoured truck Police Department Canada Canadian defense industry 001
Cambli International Thunder 1 is an armoured police tactical vehicle built by Cambli Group Tactical & Military Division of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec. The Thunder 1 is based on the company's armoured car platform using International 7500 SFA chassis. Armour plated body and bullet-proof glass gives the vehicle ballistic protection from high caliber weapons

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