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NIMR Automotive

NIMR Automotive

Armored and Tactical vehicles manufacturer UAE

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About Nimr Automotive

NIMR is a major manufacturer of light and medium weight wheeled military vehicles. Based in the United Arab Emirates, NIMR vehicles are in service with Armed Forces across the MENA region and have a reputation for versatility, ruggedness and performance. With a complete in-house design capability and modern production facilities, NIMR provides a total solution to meet defence needs.
Having built a reputation for exceptional performance in the harshest desert conditions, NIMR vehicles provide the tactical mobility required to meet a diverse range of operational requirements on the modern battlefield. Based on a unique, modular 4x4 and 6x6 chassis and driveline, NIMR provides utility, logistic and command variants as well as protected patrol vehicles, all with a range of protection options.

NIMR’s Engineering Team brings a depth of military vehicle experience to the design of all its vehicles, using the latest materials and subsystems to obtain the best performance and meet customer requirements. NIMR continues to improve its range of vehicles, building on the experience of the existing fleet, and combining it with comprehensive trials and testing in the most demanding environments. Integrated Logistic Support ensures that the NIMR vehicles continue to perform in service, and this provides a foundation for full lifecycle support.

Business Area

NIMR possesses complete design capabilities encompassing all aspects of military vehicle technology from driveline to protection systems. With a team of highly experienced military vehicle engineers drawn from across the world and using the latest design tools, NIMR Engineering covers the full product lifecycle for military vehicles from conception to delivery and through-life support.

NIMR vehicles are designed to meet the most demanding dutycycle requirement for off-road performance and specialist applications provide market-leading vehicle mobility, crew safety and reliability over life in-service.
Through constant product improvement, innovation and analysis of industry trends, NIMR Design Team applies advanced modeling techniques and simulation to incorporate new technologies, ensure continuous improvement of our vehicle fleet and integrate customer requested customisation of existing vehicles.

NIMR vehicles are designed to meet the most demanding dutycycle requirement for off-road performance and specialist applications provide market-leading vehicle mobility, crew safety and reliability over life in-service.
NIMR has established a modern production system at its site in Ajban, Abu Dhabi that delivers consistent quality and high volumes. Total production flexibility has been built in to the overall process layout which allows for multiple model types to be built simultaneously on multiple lines and multiple models on single production lines. The layout design optimises product throughput and flow of vehicles to maximise output volume and efficiency. By having a heavily manual production process, NIMR is able to quickly reorganise resources (whether equipment or personnel) in order to react quickly to customer required changes to model mix deliveries.

A new state-of-the-art cutting and bending facility is also being constructed in NIMR’s Al Ain facility. This facility will give NIMR the capability to cut and bend most of their current fabrication product needs. It will consist of three advanced laser cutting machines along with the latest in technology bending equipment.

NIMR’s quality focus begins with the initial design of the product. During the concept stage, The vehicle is designed to be easily manufactured with replicable and simple click-and-fit processes.

Quality is built into the vehicle from the initial part assembly and just through testing and inspection stations throughout the manufacturing process.

The new NIMR Production Facility presently under construction, spanning 37,500 Sq/m, will include a state-of-the-art warehouse designed to supply every component required for each stage of the assembly process.

It will incorporate innovation and expertise aimed at consistently delivering quality products that not only meet, but exceed customer expectations. The facility will include Assembly Shop, Sub Assembly, Welding Shop, Paint Shop and fully integrated Logistics Warehouse.

The Production Facilities will have complete flexibility to build multiple models in all areas of production. Rigorous testing will be performed during the Quality Control Phase before each NIMR vehicle is signed Off, which will include a fully capable testing line and off-road test track.


NIMR Automotive
P.O. Box 91666
Abu Dhabi
UAE United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 492 7400
Fax: +971 506 9760
Email: commercial{at}

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Hafeet class
nimr automotive hafeet class
The Hafeet class is a family of 6x6 multipurpose vehicles fully designed and produced by the Emirati defense vehicle manufacturer NIMR Automotive. The Hafeet Class provides a multi-mission capable platform suitable for mounting and integrating a multitude of weapons and mission systems.

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Ajban class

nimr automotive ajban class

The Ajban Class is a family of 4x4 military and securiy vehicles developed, designed and manufactured by the Company NIMR Automotive in United Arab Emirates. This range of vehicle provides a multipurpose platform for all military requirements at 9 tonnes capacity from utility vehicles to fully protected patrol vehicles.

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JAIS N35 class

nimr automotive n35 class

The N35 is a wheeled mine protected infantry armoured vehicle manufactured by the Defense Company NIMR Automotive in United Arab Emirates. The vehicle is based on the RG35 designed and developed in South Africa.

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