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Meteksan Savunma

Radar - Surveillance Systems - Laser - Electro-Optic Systems - Communication Systems - Underwater Acoustic Systems and Platform Simulators.

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About Meteksan

Meteksan Defence Industries Inc. is one of the largest Turkish defense industry companies, was established in 2006 to develop and produce high technology products and subsystems for Armed Forces. The systems and subsystems Meteksan Defence produce are used for command and control, communications, reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence purposes, and they apply to several different platforms, especially for surface and underwater platforms, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and missile systems. The company operates in six fields; radar systems, perimeter surveillance systems, laser and electro-optic systems, communication systems, underwater acoustic systems and platform simulators. Within these areas, Meteksan Defence has completed various projects both in Turkey and in Far East Asia, South Asia, South East Asia, Middle East and Europe, such as ground surveillance radars, helicopter and UAV radars, data links, altimeters, counter-drone systems, anti-jamming GNSS, hull-mounted sonars, submarine sonars, naval training simulators, which are all fulfilling the costs, schedules and performance expectations of all customers.

Business Area

Radar Systems
Meteksan Defence design and develop advanced and unique military radar systems for its customers based on Radio Frequency (RF) technology. The abilities Meteksan Defence has gained in millimeter-wave radar technology since the foundation of the company has made them manufacture high-performing, high-reliability radar systems specialize in early warning, situational awareness, and defense. With the knowledge and experience have gained in RF microwave and millimeter-wave technologies, Meteksan Defence develops and produces fire control radar systems for helicopters, automatic landing and take-off radar for UAVs and radar altimeters for missile platforms.
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Perimeter Surveillance Systems
Perimeter Surveillance Systems developed by Meteksan Defence include ground surveillance radar, drone detection radar and counter-drone systems for border security and critical infrastructure security such as airports, military bases, energy facilities. These high-resolution advanced technology perimeter surveillance systems are optimized for human and drone detection and recognition automatically, which eliminate the need for continuous scanning by security personnel.
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Communication Systems
Meteksan Defence develops high technology military communication systems such as missile and tactical data links, UAV communication, GNSS systems with electronic warfare protection, fully compliant with platform and operational requirements and having small size, weight and power consumption (SWAP). The company is highly experienced in transfer and share of data such as target, status, position, intelligence, time to strike and strike verification (C4ISR) between related platforms and users.
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Company Details

The Turkish company Meteksan operates in six fields being the Radar Systems, Perimeter Surveillance Systems, Laser and Electro-Optic Systems, Communication Systems, Underwater Acoustic Systems and Platform Simulators.


Ankara Teknoloji Geliştirme
Bölgesi F Blok Beytepe Lodumlu
Köy Yolu No:85/A
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: +90 312 266 15 20
Fax: +90 312 266 13 93
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Retinar PTR Perimeter Surveillance Radar
Ejder Yalcin 4x4 tactical wheeled armoured combat vehicle Nurol Makina Turley Turkish defense industry 925 001

Retinar PTR is a high resolution advanced technology ground surveillance radar system operating in millimeter-wavelength and optimized for human detection and recognition. Retinar PTR can be used for border surveillance and security, camp security of patrols and perimeter security of critical facilities.

Retinar PTR; automatically scans large areas, eliminating the need for security personnel to constantly scan with cameras or binoculars, can work integrated with camera systems and various other sensors. It can be carried and installed by a two men crew and operated by single personnel as Retinar PTR has been designed for high mobility.

Retinar PTR is “field proven, portable, easy to use, advanced technology” radar that has proved itself at operations of the Turkish Armed Forces.

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Retinar FAR-AD Drone Detection Radar

NMS 4x4 armoured vehicle manufacturer producer Nurol Makina Turkey Turkish defense security industry 925 001

Retinar FAR-AD is a drone detection radar that is especially developed to detect Mini/Micro UAV threats. It is a new generation system with advanced drone detection, classification and tracking technologies.

Retinar FAR-AD has 40⁰ elevation beam-width which provide a very wide field of air coverage. System can also provide high detection capability without losing from range performance of the radar thanks to its innovative technologies. One of the most important feature is accuracy to detect exact location of drones and Retinar FAR-AD provides with high resolution for both azimuth and elevation accuracy. Moreover, it has special tracking algorithms that are developed for all kinds of low/high speed Mini/Micro UAV threats and adjustable scanning rates for various moving speeds of drones.

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KAPAN Anti-Drone System

NMS 4x4 armoured vehicle manufacturer producer Nurol Makina Turkey Turkish defense security industry 925 001

The use of drones, which are spreading rapidly and it is very difficult to detect by traditional security measures, is also increasingly spreading for intelligence or assault by enemies or terrorists all over the world. KAPAN, which is developed by Meteksan Defence, offers a superior drone detection, tracking and neutralization performance for border and critical infrastructure security.

Meteksan Defence’s KAPAN Anti-Drone system offers precise drone detection and tracking performance with Radar and Electro-Optic system combinations. Additionally, KAPAN allows neutralization of drones with RF Jammer. KAPAN is a rapidly deployable, scalable and modular system designed to address the threat all of commercial and millitary drones.

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MILSAR UAV SAR/MTI Radar is an airborne radar system specifically developed for UAV platforms. In GMTI mode, MILSAR detects and tracks the ground moving targets with slow scan and fast scan modes, so that operator can select the scan speed in accordance with the mission objectives.

MILSAR can generate images in stripmap and spotlight modes. In stripmap mode, MILSAR radiates perpendicular to the navigation direction and generates images of the scanned area. In spotlight mode, MILSAR continuously radiates on the same area by changing the UAV’s flight direction or radar antenna’s direction and it generates high resolution images of the focused area.

MILSAR facilitates to produce not only high resolution SAR imaging but also detect and track the ground moving targets even in adverse weather and low visibility conditions including cloud and fog.

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Anti-Jamming GNSS

NMS 4x4 armoured vehicle manufacturer producer Nurol Makina Turkey Turkish defense security industry 925 001

The jamming of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals, which are available on many of platforms, by enemy elements causes great problems including the platforms losing their function or even crash. Anti-Jamming GNSS supports GPS and GLONASS satellite signals, can work on multiple frequency bands and determine direction of the jamming signal, filter them by using signal processing techniques. Anti-Jamming GNSS also includes a built-in GNSS receiver capable of decoding GPS satellite signals for calculating position, velocity and time information.

Anti-Jamming GNSS stands out from its counterparts as a product that contains world-class technologies against jamming threats that we may encounter in the combat environment, which can be used on all types of platforms including missile systems and UAVs.

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