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Expal developer - manufacturer - integrator for Defence and Security
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EXPAL develops, manufactures, integrates and maintains products, systems and services for Defence and Security sectors.

Head of MAXAM’s Defence Business Unit, EXPAL offers the armed forces a wide range of solutions for supporting and improving their operational capabilities. This includes adapting to the nature of their missions and providing technological developments.

EXPAL is the leader in the ammunition and explosives sector in Spain, as well as one of the main providers of demilitarization and EOD services. Their range of products, which are highly integrated and high performance, is supplied in many armed forces worldwide.

The continuous innovation of products and services, its strong commitment to technology and a clear dedication to service have placed EXPAL in a leading position in the European Defence Industry.
Technology is the engine of EXPAL's progress. The own programs of R+D and innovation that EXPAL develops are centered on the following lines of action:

• Support to the operative capacities of our troops.
• Improvement of the protection of military platforms and its crews
• Systems of weapons of rapid deployment and high mobility.
• Increase of the scope, effectiveness and precision of the ammunitions, reducing collateral damages.
• Development of intelligent ammunition by the incorporation of the electronics.
• Reduction of the vulnerability of the ammunition stored against external assaults
• Designs and innovations that assure the safety in the employment of the ammunitions in all the environmental conditions
• Rocket engines for spatial applications
• Development of not lethal armaments.

Its department of R&D is responsible of the design and development of new products as well as the improvement and adequacy of the existing ones to the Specific requirements of the customer and comes collaborating from his beginnings with the Spanish Ministry of Defence and its Armed Forces, as well as with leading companies technologically in the Sector, in a great number of programs of development successfully.

EXPAL also collaborates in international programs of research and development with official organisms and companies of first level to give response to the technological developments demanded by the armies across principally European programs of cooperation.
EXPAL puts into practice its corporate policies as a basis of its action to:

• Offering maximum quality in all products and services
• Minimize, if any, environmental impact of its activities.
• Get the highest security standards
• Develop a continuous improvement in R&D activity as a basis of its technological development. The key for success is to get the best results in all activities EXPAL is involved

Business details
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Areas of Activity - Land
EXPAL provides a wide and complete range of products and services aimed at at improving troop safety and providing the necessary materials required for the current scenarios, as well as supporting and improving their operative capacities.

These products and services include weapon systems, ammunition, propellants and electronic equipment and software. EXPAL also provides maintenance services and Integrated Logistic Support for platforms and systems as well as demilitarization and EOD services.

Artillery ammunition, Demolition stores, EOD equipment, EOD services and soil remediation, Insensitive munitions (IM) warhead fill, Integrated mortar systems, Light weapon ammunition, Medium caliber cannon ammunition, Mortar ammunition, Mortar systems, Propellants, Propelling charges, Pyrotechnics, SAZEC area control system, TECHFIRE information system and ballistic computers for fire support, Vehicle maintenance and integrated logistic support services
Expal defence security military army products equipment manufacturer designer developer integrator spain Spanish defence industry military technology
Defence - Areas of Activity - Sea
Since 1918, date when the first delivery to the Spanish Navy was made, EXPAL has been providing products to Navy forces of many different countries, as well as developing specific and appropriate solutions to the missions.

Ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnic Disposal & Recovery Services, Demolition stores for naval use, EOD services and soil remediation, EOD material, GAB, underwater grenade, Insensitive Munitions (IM) warheads fill, Light weapons ammunition, Medium caliber cannon ammunition, MILA underwater lamping mine, Mortar ammunition, Mortar systems, Naval ammunition, Propellants, Propelling charges, Pyrotechnics, SAZEC surface control system, TECHFIRE information system for fire support.
Expal defence security military army products equipment manufacturer designer developer integrator spain Spanish defence industry military technology
Defence - Areas of Activity - Air
EXPAL's experiences in design, development and manufacture of air armament allows it to have a complete range of products, in service in many armed forces, as well as providing services in maintenance and modernization of aeronautical systems.

EXPAL carries out the integration of all its products in the most important current air platforms in the world.
Aeronautical systems maintenance, Air armament, Ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnic Disposal & Recovery Services, Medium caliber cannon ammunition, Propellants and propellants systems, Disposal & Recovery Services of pyrotechnics, SAZEC area control system,

Expal defence security military army products equipment manufacturer designer developer integrator spain Spanish defence industry military technology
Company profile
600 professionals and production centers in Spain, Denmark, Italy and Bulgaria.

EXPAL has participated in the concentration process of the Defense Industry in Europe, stretching their activities from Spain, where it operates 7 production centers to Denmark, Italy and Bulgaria.

At the same time, EXPAL has created EXPACE, a technological subsidiary specializing in the development of electronic and electromechanical systems on platforms with solutions applicable to equipment as well as complete systems.

EXPAL is qualified by the Spanish Ministry of Defense’s Standard PECAL/AQAP 2110 and its production facilities are PECAL/AQAP 2120 qualified. EXPAL, as well as its production centers, are certified under the ISO 9001:2000 quality norm.

Contact Information

Expal Systems S.A.
Avda del Partenon, 16
28042 Madrid

Tel +34 91 722 01 13

Fax +34 91 722 02 95
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web site:

Range of products summary
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EXPAL EIMOS integrated mortar system for light wheeled vehicle

EIMOS Expal Integrated Mortar System for light wheeled vehicle 60mm 81mm technical data sheet specifications information description intelligence identification pictures photos images video Spain Spanish Defence Industry army military technology

The Spanish Defence Compnay EXPAL leader in mortar systems (weapon systems and ammunition) has developed its integrated mortar system EIMOS. EIMOS is a unique system in the market integrating an EXPAL 81 mm or 60 mm mortar, in a 4X4 lightweight vehicle.
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SAZEC surveillance, control and protection system
SAZEC is a surveillance, control and protection system especially designed for operations and totally adapted to current scenarios. SAZEC controls the access of people and vehicles to a controlled area through multi-sensors deployed able to detect, locate, identify and gradually react against any intruder in the protected area..
GAB underwater grenade
The GAB underwater grenade is a hydrostatic pressure delay charge used to defend boats and coastal infrastructure against combat divers actions. This grenade is developed by EXPAL under the Ministry of Defence program, is in service on the armed forces
C-5 anti-tank training mine
The C-5 anti-tank training mine is a basic tool for the exercises of both, Engineers and Armoured units. This system is hard to be detected, insensitive for explosive countermeasures or FAE (fuel air explosive). The main charge is a pyrotechnical pill that will produce gray smoke once initiated. It can be dispersed from helicopter, ATV or mechanical means.
Limpet underwater mine
Limpet mine designed to be fixed by combat divers onto the hull of the ships. It can be used as demolition charge as well. The Mila 6-C is a smart computer controlled time-fused underwater limpet mine.
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