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Hutchinson Defense and Mobility Division 
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HUTCHINSON Defense and Mobility Division, global leader in mobility systems, provides runflat solutions to military and security markets for over 80 years. Its products have proven their performance until the most recent conflicts around the world. HUTCHINSON thus won the confidence of the soldiers around the world, ensuring their mobility and their protection in all kinds of conditions. Expert in mobility and strengthened from its multiple feedback, HUTCHINSON has developed essential solutions for the protection of the crews and their equipment: runflat inserts and wheels, ballistic fuel tank self-sealing protection, tire protection, track pads, etc,...
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Hutchinson Defense and Mobility is part of Hutchinson Group, a multi-business and multi-market group with 3.4 billion annual revenues, established in 23 countries on 95 sites. With precision and body sealing systems, vibration, acoustic, and thermal insulation, fluid transfer systems, transmission and mobility, Hutchinson pushes technological limits further each day to offer greater comfort and safety.
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Headquarters & International Markets

HUTCHINSON SNC - Defense and Mobility Division

Address : 4, rue de Londres – 95340 Persan – France
Tel.: +33 (0)1 39 37 40 60
Fax: +33 (0)1 39 37 41 99
E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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Hutchinson Headquarters
Range of products summary
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Tactical Alumininium Rim
Hutchnison Tactical aluminium rim
The Hutchinson wheel has been field tested and performs in all major military conflicts. It is also utilized on many commercial and security vehicle applications. Each new Hutchinson wheel is designed by our in-house engineering department. We use state of the art solid modelling CAD and FEA software technology. We design, prototype, test, validate and document our products to meet the stringent and unique customer requirements.
Hutchnison Safetank
Facing more diffuse threats and asymmetric conflicts, it is essential to ensure an optimal and effective protection of sensitive areas of vehicles. In particular fuel tanks are very vulnerable in many circumstances, sometimes obviously missing protection. The vehicle may therefore be ARMORED, but NOT PROTECTED! Thanks to the self sealing technology, HUTCHINSON offers a lightweight and high performance solution for the protection of fuel tanks, including large volume tanks. His practical knowledge of military requirements has led to develop a simple technology to implement, in kit form, without complex tooling. Safetank™ allows greater and consistent protection of the crew and its vehicle.
Tire Saver Shield
Hutchnison Tire Saver Shield
As a result of the frequent forced budgetary, we have highlighted the need to streamline the budget to the maximum and to better manage logistics flows. In this sense, HUTCHINSON now offers protection to seriously reduce the risk of unintentional puncture occurring on the flanks of tire: Tire Saver Shield TS2™. It significantly reduces the consumption of tires and all the costs related to the puncture (logistics for the spare parts, storage, and replacement) and increases the operational availability of the vehicle.
Military runflat inserts : VFI / MVFI
Hutchnison Military runflat inserts MVFI
A combat proven, reliable and robust system in any circumstance, HUTCHINSON has recently developed an evolution of the original VFI™ system by making it more operational yet: in the modular version, the MVFI can indeed be fully manually mounted on the wheel, and in a very reduced time without the use of special tools. 
Military runflat inserts : CMRF OFF ROAD
Hutchnison Military runflat inserts CMRF OFF ROAD
With the CMRF off road, HUTCHINSON is answering in addition to a need for weight reduction by combining rubber and composite to offer a system equally efficient but even lighter.
Hutchnison Exploshield
In order to prevent fuel tanks from explosion and related blast, Hutchinson is offering Exploshield, a material that participates to seriously prevent fire to propagate in fuel and fuel vapors (ie prevents explosion).
The vehicle fuel tank has to be filled with ExploShield in order to avoid unprotected fuel vapors into the fuel tank.
How does it work:
The high thermal conductivity of the ExploShield aluminum diverts the heat, thermal energy is diverted immediately and therefore tremendously reduced.
The structure of ExploShield separates explosive gas mixtures into small cells preventing fire propagation.
Commercial runflat
Hutchnison Commercial runflat
Vehicles can be compromised when immobilized by ballistic or terrain related tyre damage. Security vehicles operating in unsafe surroundings must be properly equipped in order to be able to complete the mission and carry the crew to safety.
Hutchinson is offering a full range of runflat inserts capable to match any kind of application for commercial application: up-armoured cars, VIP transportation, people movers etc. All are made of most advanced material and technology to offer high level of performance and security to the users.
Thermal and acoustic insulation material
Jehier Thermal and acoustic insulation material
JEHIER, Hutchinson Group, is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance insulation materials and equipment for Aerospace and Defense since the 1970’s. Cabin solutions are the good way to keep you in cool air while outside is hot. Our systems are installed in the cabin of your vehicle and are the good partner of your cooling air unit. When time has come, the crew is cool and ready for the mission.
Thermal Protection System systems are designed to reduce the IR detection susceptibility of your platform. The Metal Clad Thermal Protection System (TPS), which aims at reducing Infra Red, are susceptibility composed of welded metal foils combining the properties of inorganic fibers and the reflective property of metal.
Track Pads
Hutchinson Track pads
Rich of a long experience and expertise in the rubber transformation for demanding military applications, Hutchinson is capable to develop and manufacture track pads for heavy tracked vehicles.




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