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HGH Infrared

Panoramic Thermal Sensors and Intrusion Detection & Tracking Software

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About HGH Infrared

HGH provides a unique passive panoramic surveillance solution with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities for an unlimited number of threats. This wide area surveillance system based on SPYNEL Panoramic thermal sensor provides outstanding image quality with very high spatial resolution, up to 120 Mpixels, at a high rate (up to 2 Hz). Land, air and sea targets are detected and tracked immediately through all types of inclement weather.

Equipped with CYCLOPE advanced detection & tracking software, SPYNEL sensors provide unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetrical threats, at any time from any direction, including hardly detectable targets such as: crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircrafts.

SPYNEL and CYCLOPE tandem is the ultimate solution for wide area surveillance, continuous perimeter security, and critical infrastructure protection for FOBs, air and navy bases, ship auto-protection, oil & gas infrastructures, airports, ports, borders and coasts, industrial sites...

Business Area

Technical Data

Technology and Design
SPYNEL wide area surveillance systems are recognized as a major innovation in security perimeter monitoring. SPYNEL sensors feature MWIR or LWIR focal plane array, exhibiting high performance, even in total darkness.

Rotating continuously at up to 2 revolutions/sec for total 360° azimuth coverage, it captures real time images with an impressive resolution of up to 120 Mpix according to the models.

As it produces high-resolution images, any type of targets, of any size, will be automatically detected and recognized, making it far more sensitive and convenient than radar.

Monitoring 360 degrees in real time, it can catch multiple intrusions coming from multiple directions, unlike PTZ cameras, blind outside their limited field-of-view.
Applications / Missions
• Persistent wide area surveillance
• 24/7 perimeter security
• 360° asymmetrical threats detection
• Airport / airfield surveillance
• Critical infrastructure protection
• Surveillance of forward operating bases
• UAV, low air target tracking
• Border and coastal passive surveillance
• Self-protection of ships
• Fight against piracy and smuggling
• Cost effective and reliable surveillance system
• Full 360-degree panoramic coverage with a single sensor
• Long range surveillance up to the horizon
• Day and night panoramic scrutiny even in adverse weather conditions
• Automatic, simultaneous tracking of all threats with superior image quality
• Compact, robust, lightweight equipment, for a fast deployment
• Fully passive system, totally undetectable
Cooled IR SPYNEL Sensors (Specifications)
Cooled IR SPYNEL Sensors specifications 925 001
Uncooled IR SPYNEL Sensors (Specifications)
Uncooled IR SPYNEL Sensors specifications 925 001

Company Details

As a global leader in the manufacturing of 360° infrared cameras, the French company HGH Infrared provides a wide range of surveillance systems for military applications around the world. SPYNEL and its automatic intrusion detection & tracking software CYCLOPE are used for FOB protection, embarked on ships to create a self-protection bubble, embarked on vehicles or in a backpack for special forces’ missions. Discover below the many possibilities of our sensors for your specific needs.


HGH Infrared

10 rue Maryse Bastié
91430 Igny

Tel: +33 1 69 35 47 70
FAX: +33 1 69 35 47 80
Email: hgh[@]


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Cyclope Software
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The CYCLOPE is an advanced image processing software analyzing panoramic images captured by the SPYNEL® Wide Area Surveillance sensors in real-time. CYCLOPE automatically detects and tracks an unlimited number of ground/air/maritime targets simultaneously, including hardly detectable threats, such as crawling men, RHIBs, low altitude air targets, UAVs and stealth aircraft. CYCLOPE’s latest version takes advantage of 20 years of experience in data processing applied to critical infrastructure protection and InfraRed Search & Track applications, with the development of unique detecting and tracking algorithms with ultra-low FAR (False Alarm Rate).


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The passive wide-area surveillance system Spynel-X® ensures unprecedented real-time security against conventional and asymmetric threats. It gathers the latest innovations in thermal sensing into a field-proven and solid mechanical design. SPYNEL-X® can replace up to 90 HD MWIR cameras on its own: one single IR sensor provides 24/7 early human intrusion detections over a 16km-diameter area, with a resolution of 120Mpix.


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The Spynel-S® is a panoramic, long-range, wide area surveillance system designed to detect, classify and track automatically any type of threats, night and day. Continuously rotating at up to 2 revolution/sec, Spynel-S® provides powerful situational awareness through a 360-degree visualization of the surroundings. As a fully passive thermal sensor, it is invisible to intruders, not vulnerable to camouflage nor jamming, contrary to radar technologies. With a large MWIR focal plane array, Spynel-S exhibits high performance, capturing 30Mpix video stream.


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The 360° thermal sensor Spynel-C® is a cutting-edge surveillance system providing real-time panoramic images with automatic intrusion detection and tracking capabilities. You will benefit from a powerful situational awareness, with a 360° visualization of the surroundings. Spynel-C® is totally passive, which means intruders cannot see it, it is not vulnerable to camouflage or jamming. The infrared sensor operates 24/7, in good or bad weather.


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The SPYNEL-U® is an uncooled, long-wave infrared camera solution providing with two panoramic videos, thermal and visible. The integrated channels enable the detection, tracking, and identification of multiple threats in real-time, over a 360° panorama: an unrivalled situational awareness is ensured be it at night in total darkness, or through bad weather, SPYNEL-U® can detect a human at up to 2 km.


NMS 4x4 armoured vehicle manufacturer producer Nurol Makina Turkey Turkish defense security industry 925 001

SPYNEL-M® is a cost-effective, solid & compact solution for wide area surveillance. This cutting-edge IR sensor benefits from 15 years of expertise in major security projects! As compact as it may be (12×20 cm, 1.8 kg) SPYNEL-M® is a reliable high-resolution thermal camera, acting as an infrared radar. Capturing full panoramic infrared images every second, 24/7, it offers real-time security against any type of intrusion, including humans, vehicles, RHIBs or swimmers…


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