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Simtech is specialized in the manufacturing of rubber and elastomer engineered products since 1992.

Simtech designs, manufactures and supplies various engineered products for the defence sector, among which:

- On-board vehicle flexible fuel cells (for armored trucks, boats, UAVs, aircrafts etc.), within its flexcell® range, which can also be made with an optional self-sealing & blast-proof tank protection. This additional self-sealing coating can also be applied on OEM rigid metallic or plastic tanks and jerrycans.

- Flexible rubber tanks for the transport & storage of fuels or other kind of liquids (pillow tanks and collapsible rubber drum tanks) within its flexdrum® range.

- Flexible berms with outer structures or berm liners for pillow storage tanks.

- Vacuum rubber bags and self-heating vacuum bags for bullet-proof glass or bullet-proof composite panels laminating or encapsulation process for bullet-proof panels and glass manufacturers.

- Custom-designed army tents and shelters with CBRN (colpro) inner velum.

- Other custom-designed flexible products (for instance: rubber or PVC tarpaulin and covers for ground vehicles and aircrafts.)
Simtech Contact
Rue de la Grande Couture
7503 Froyennes, BELGIUM
Phone: + 32 (0)69 88 96 70
Fax: + 32 (0)69 88 96 77
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Range of products summary
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Simtech flexdrum® flexible tanks (Seal Drums) are used by Ministries of Defence as well as within the Industrial area for civilian fuel transport and storage applications.
They are designed for the transportation (type TST or HRST) and storage (type PST) of fuel, oil or water. Our HRST collapsible flexdrum tanks are helitransportable, towable & aerotransportable, they are efficient for both air and ground transportation.
Our drums are certified by French DCSEA 5107 & American MIL-D-23119G norms.
Simtech flexcell® water or fuel cells are designed to be fitted aboard various air, ground or marine vehicles for their liquid supply (water, drinking water, fuel, oil,…) : military or civilian, armoured or not, off-road.


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