Saudi Arabia presents its local-made Skyguard UAV at BIDEC 2017

The Company PSATRI (Prince Sultan Advanced Tech. Research Institute) from Saudi Arabia presents latest technology of UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) at BIDEC 2017, the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference including the Skyguard, fully developed and designed in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia presents its local made Skyguard UAV at BIDEC 2017 first edition of Bahrain defense Exhibition 925 001 Skyguard UAV on the Saudi Arabia booth at BIDEC 2017, the Bahrain International Defence Exhibition and Conference

The entire airframe of the Skyguard was designed by the airframe and structural analysis team of PSATRI. Including preliminary design, structural design, aerodynamic analysis, simulation and modeling.

The SkyGuard UAV was designed to be highly adaptable with several sub-system configurations.

The Company PSATRI from Saudi Arabia has a well-equipped manufacturing facility and highly skilled technicians. The entire manufacturing process of SkyGuard airframes and integration parts was done in PSATRI, from mould-making, carbon fiber layout and laser cutting to the complete airframe assembly.

The SkyGuard UAV has customized avionic system units developed by the avionics team. These units are used for flight control power management, electromechanical systems integration and to improve the reliability and availability of the system.

The Ground Control Station (GCS) was built with customized front-end and back-end interfaces. In addition to Ground Data Terminal (GDT) which is equipped with the datalink communication and storage are for a number of two SkyGuard airframes.

Several tests were performed to qualify the all SkyGuard sub-systems in different environmental conditions. Then, many flight tests were conducted to qualify SkyGuard against the design requirements.

The Skyguard can fly at a maximum altitude of 18,000 feet with a flight duration of 8 hours. It has a maximum paylaod of 50 kg that can include Infra Red night vision and day camera. It can fly at maximum range of 150 km.