AUSA 2020: AM General presents its new generation of Light Tactical Vehicle called X-LT3

According to a press release published during the virtual edition of AUSA 2020 that takes place from 13 to 15 October 2020, American company AM General presents its new generation of Light Tactical Vehicle called X-LT3.

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AM General X-LT3  Light Tactical Vehicle at AUSA, October 2019. (Picture source Army Recognition)

AM General continues to capitalize on its strategic partnerships to develop products and technology that meet the requirements of modern military forces. In current collaboration with BC Customs, AM General has developed the X-LT3, a new light tactical vehicle specially tailored for Special Forces units, offering superior mobility and agility in off-road conditions. The X-LT3 was unveiled by AM General in October 2019 during the AUSA Association of United Staes Army defense exhibition and conference that was held in Washington D.C. 

The X-LT3 vehicle has a length of 4.39 m, a width of 1.98, and has a height of 1.82 m. It features an open-top crew compartment design and is air transportable by A400M and C-130 military transport aircraft. The vehicle is protected with a roll protected cage folding.

With a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 3,350 kg, the X-LT3 can be optionally installed with a variety of equipment such as protection kits, ammunition, spare parts, bull bar, electric winch, and special equipment. In standard configuration, the vehicle can accommodate five military personnel with two seats at the front and three seats at the rear. Additional seats can be mounted at the rear of the vehicle.

The roof of the X-LT3 can be fitted with a ring-mount weapon station that can be armed with a machine gun up to 12.7mm caliber. The side of the vehicle can be equipped with Swivel stations armed with one 7.62 or 5.56mm machine gun.