AUSA 2019: Nexter showcases several key products

The French manufacturer chose to display the major part of its key products, mainly ammunition and robots.

AUSA 2019 Nexter showcases several key products 2
Nexter booth at AUSA 2019 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Nexter showcases a 1/10 model of the Caesar 8x8. This 155mm gun mounted on an 8x8 truck with increased protection and carrying. It is combat-proven from its use by the French army in its 6x6 version, notably within the Task Force Wagram deployed in Syria between September 2016 and May 2019.

Nexter also displays a wide range of medium- and large-calibre ammunition ranging from 84mm (in HEAT and Smoke versions) to 155mm. The 120mm tank range is represented by armor-piercing (APFSDS), explosive (HE) and canister ammunition. Finally, the 155mm is displayed with the BONUS ammunition, an intelligent ammunition capable of detecting and destroying armored vehicles (stationary or mobile); the LU211 IM BB, an explosive ammunition with an increased range (up to 40km); the LU 214 Smoke BB, an ammunition with an increased range creating a smokescreen; the LU 216 ILL IR, an ammunition illuminating its target in the IR spectrum for 80 seconds; and 6 modular charges. Regarding medium calibers, two 25mm and two 30mm types of ammunition are presented on the stand in their armor-piercing versions (APFSDS-T 25 and 30mm) and their training equivalents (TPFSDS-T 25 and 30mm).

The NERVA LG robot is accompanied by a selection of payloads, as well as the SORIX UAV, the NERVA LG and NERVA XX on the UNITECH stand.