AUSA 2019: Expal showcases their latest developments for defense and security industry

EXPAL Systems, global defense and security company, has showcased its latest developments for the defense and security sector at AUSA 2019, the Annual Meeting & Exposition that was held in Washington from 14th to 16th October.

Expal showcases their latest developments for defense and security industry AUSA 2019 925 001
Expal booth at AUSA 2019 , the Association of United States Army defense exhibition in Washington D.C. (Picture source Army Recognition)

EXPAL owns over 100 years’ experience providing high-technology and tailored components for defense systems such as energetic materials, high-performance propellants and electronic fuzes.

From its Propulsion Systems Technology Center, a cutting-edge facility, EXPAL designs and produces advanced propulsion systems for rockets, missiles and a wide portfolio of munitions, such as 2.75" (70mm) rocket motors, artillery charges, as well as single and multi-base propellants. Besides, the company also produces semi-processed products including carpet roll, premix, wet and dry pastes and raw materials such as nitrocellulose according to international standards and regulations. EXPAL provides these solutions both for leading defense companies and Armed Forces.

EXPAL also highlights at AUSA its demilitarization solutions for the US market, both DoD and industry. The company is one of the main suppliers in the country thanks to its long-established know-how and processes placing emphasis on recovering, recycling and reusing up to 90% of removed components. EXPAL USA has state-of-the-art facilities in Texarkana and a R&D center in Camp Minden.

As a global expert in ammunition and explosives, EXPAL also provides initiation systems, demolition charges and EOD equipment for combat engineers and special operation forces for NATO and allied countries. These solutions, operative in over 40 armed forces, are based on achieving maximum efficiency while protecting the user.