AUSA 2019: AM General focuses on current readiness and future technologies

At AUSA 2019, global mobility solutions provider AM General is featuring products and services that demonstrate readiness now and its investments to deliver the innovation required to win on future battlefields.

AM General focuses on current readiness and future technologies at AUSA 2019925 001
Humvee Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Howitzer system and HUMVEE support vehicle.   (Picture source: Army Recognition)

“AM General has been a trusted partner to our military customers and we’re proud of our tremendous history of providing advanced, cost-effective, and dependable capabilities on the battlefield,” said AM General President and CEO, Andy Hove. “This year, at AUSA, we are further demonstrating to our customers that we are ready now and show how we are investing in the future.”

The company is displaying a diverse lineup of products that highlight its continuous innovative spirit and its commitment to future technologies. With the iconic and proven Humvee light tactical vehicle, the company points to more than 35 years of upgrades and improvements, making it even better. Today’s modern Humvee is a far cry from the vehicles that first deployed to Panama. The versatile Humvee, deployed around the globe right now, continues to meet multiple mission sets, from Fire Support Vehicle, Special Operations Tactical Vehicle, Life Saving Ambulance, or Mobile Howitzer to a Mission Command Vehicle, all of which can be transported in the same manner as the military members on the front lines. The heart of the Humvee, the current production chassis with updated powertrain, is easily integrated into customers’ existing fleet via modernization efforts without adversely impacting existing logistics systems directly from the factory or through Public-Private Partnerships.

AM General is also showcasing cutting-edge innovation through the patented soft recoil technology that is integrated into the Humvee Hawkeye 105mm Mobile Howitzer system. The company’s ability to scale this same technology will also be on display with the Brutus 155mm Mobile Howitzer– currently mounted onto a Medium Tactical Vehicle.

AM General continues to capitalize on its strategic partnerships to develop products and technology that meet the requirements to win in an ever-changing world. In current collaboration with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, the company will debut a new concept military Jeep for customers in need of a rugged, lightweight vehicle. This light tactical vehicle rounds out the company’s offerings along the capability weight spectrum. Through a partnership with BC Customs, AM General is also displaying the X-LT3, an ultralight tactical vehicle offering superior off-road mobility and agility that will be running the Baja 1000 in November.