Kent Periscopes promotes Straight Binocular Display Sight at AUSA 2017

Kent Periscopes, the North Wales, UK based international supplier of unity vision periscopes, vehicle sights and related equipment for military armoured fighting vehicles, presents its Straight Biocular Display at the Association of the United States Army Exhibition in Washington D.C.

Kent Periscopes from UK promotes SABRE Thermal Image Gunner sight at AUSA 2017 925 001SABRE Thermal Image Gunner/Commander Sight into the US defense market.

Of interest to the US market and recently seen at the DSEi exhibition in London last month, was the Straight Biocular Display. Comprising of the latest display screen and lens arrangement, the Biocular Viewer gives excellent relaxed viewing for Armoured Fighting Vehicle drivers. The display can be supplied in isolation or as part of the Kent Embedded Image Periscope (EIP) System.

Kent are actively promoting the SABRE Thermal Image Gunner/Commander Sight into the US defense market, attractive to several potential US upgrade programmes. As well, the SABRE Narrow Gunners Sight, a derivative of the SABRE family of sights,having been designed as a compact, low cost reversionary Sight with a Day-Only channel, will also be of interest. This sight still allows the gunner to accurately aim the weapon if the main turret sighting system has failed or if electrical power to the turret is lost. Finally, Kent market a range of Embedded Image Periscope Systems, withvarious sensor options which can include a combination of Colour Day CCD, Thermal Imager, Low Light Sensor or Shortwave Infrared (SWIR).

Kent Periscopes’ sighting and observation solutions are sought out by some of the world’s bestarmoured vehicle manufacturers, procurers, maintainers and users.Kent’s product and service capabilities includeunity vision periscopes, an innovative range of Embedded Image Periscopes (EIPs), the popular and flexible range of Sabre Gunner/Commander sights, the Passive Driver's Periscope (PDP), Vision Blocks and a range of other related equipment and services for armoured fighting vehicles.Kent also have a dedicated spares and repairs facility with the ability to refurbish periscopes and legacy sighting systems. Kent have won contracts with major vehicle OEM’s primes and integrators across the globe including in the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. In UK, Kent are supplying periscopes to General Dynamics and an auxiliary sight to Lockheed Martin for the UK Scout SV programme.They have also been selected to supply their Embedded Image Periscopes (EIP) to Lockheed Martin for the Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme (WCSP).

Mark Batchelor, New Product and Business DevelopmentDirector atKent Periscopes said: “The US market is attractive to us as we have developed products and services here in UK that we think offer significant additional capability to US forces”. He added: “We’re not exhibiting at AUSA but we will have a team on the ground, so, if you’d like to arrange an appointment then we’d be happy to fix that in advance. Alternatively, we can arrange meetings on the day”.