HGH Infrared Systems showcases its Spynel-S Panoramic Detection System at AUSA

HGH Infrared Systems has capitalized over 30 years of success in infrared technologies for security, industrial and civil applications. At AUSA 2017, the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Association of the U.S. Army, HGH showcases its Spynel-S Panoramic Detection System.


SPYNEL-S on HGH stand at AUSA 2017

Spynel is the world’s only real-time, rotating head, thermal imaging system for security and surveillance. The compact, ruggedized sensor instantaneously images a full 360° scene at a rate of one image per second for automatic, real-time, intrusion detection and tracking. Thus, Spynel is a “radar-like” scanning system, operating in the thermal imaging bands. In addition, thanks to a high image quality, Spynel enables target identification, on unlimited zoom windows.

The SPYNEL-S features a cooled Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR) focal plane array, exhibiting high performance, especially in warm and humid regions. Rotating continuously at up to 1 revolution/sec for total 360° azimuth coverage, it captures real time images with an impressive resolution of up to 30 Mpix.

With an ultra-wide 360-degree panoramic field of view, plus continuous monitoring capabilities, Spynel ensures that no event or disturbance goes unnoticed. The high-sensitivity, infrared, revolving camera head can detect any type of targets, even in total darkness, through fog, smoke, or hazy conditions.

SPYNEL-S is in procurement with the US Army for base protection.