BAE Systems presents Bradley M-SHORAD air defense AUSA 2017

BAE Systems showcases new M-SHORAD (Mobile Short-Range Air Defence) solution mounted on Bradley M2A3 tracked armoured IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) at AUSA 2017, the Association of United States Army Exhibition and Conference in Washington D.C.

BAE Systems presents Bradley M SHORAD mobile air defense vehicle at AUSA 2017 925 001
BAE Systems Bradley M-SHORAD (Mobile Short-Range Air Defence) at AUSA 2017, , the Association of United States Army exhibition and conference in Washington D.C., October 2017

With this new Bradley M-SHORAD, BAE Systems will showded the advantages of integrating the SHORAD capability onto the Bradley Fighting Vehicle to provide a full-spectrum air defense solution to the Armored Brigade Combat Team Maneuver Formation.

The Bradley M-SHORAD is fitted with the Israeli-made pMHR surveillance radar mounted all-around the turret. The pMHR radar is a lightweight version of the MHR (Multi-Mission Hemispheric Radar), enabling the portability of the system, and is an ideal solution for force protection missions on the move.

The turret is equipped with three type of weapons which can be used against drones, and different aerial threats as helicopters and low-flying aircraft. To fight the drones, the Bradley M-SHORAD is fitted with radio interference systems mounted on the top of the turret.

BAE Systems presents Bradley M SHORAD mobile air defense vehicle at AUSA 2017 925 002
Close view of the Bradley M-SHORAD turret armed with counter UAVs equipment, Stinger missiles and one 30 mm XM914 chain gun.

At AUSA 2017, the M-SHORAD Bradley was equipped with a pod including four launchers for Stinger missiles as the Avenger AN/TWQ-1, an air defense vehicle using an HUMVEE chassis. The current production Stinger missiles are the RMP (reprogrammable microprocessor) FIM-92D and the Block I FIM-92E.

Second armament of the Bradley M-SHORAD includes one 30 mm caliber lightweight XM914 Bushmaster Chain Guns which can be used against aerial targets flying at very low altitude. The XM914 is an upgraded and modified version of the M230 30mm automatic chain gun mounted on Apache helicopter.

The American Company Orbital ATK is developing a range of new advanced medium-calibre ammunition variants for use with its 30/40 mm calibre MK44 XM813 and 30 mm calibre lightweight XM914 Bushmaster Chain Guns. The new ammunition types – command-guided, proximity fuze, and air burst – are intended to deliver enhanced capabilities for a wide range of land and air combat platforms.