AUSA 2017: Alcon Components promotes its new CIR55 armoured vehicle brake caliper

Alcon Components Ltd, the acclaimed global motorsport brake and clutch company, has launched a brand new bespoke armoured vehicle brake caliper at AUSA.First unveiled to the European and wider global markets at the DSEi exhibition, London in September, the new CIR55 has been designed and developed to fit 8x8 type military vehicles operating at 30-40+ tonne GVM. Now offered to the US defenseand security market, thiscaliper allowsOEM’s, fleet managers, maintainers and vehicle modification companiesto fit an off-the-shelf, military special brake system.The CIR55 significantly increases braking performance and reduces both weight and cost in comparison to existing alternatives.

AUSA 2017 Alcon Components promotes its new CIR55 armoured vehicle brake caliper 925 001
The Alcon CIR55/AxleTech HD860 brake on the AxleTech's booth at AUSA 2017

Intended as a direct alternative to the current defenseindustry standard twin-caliper arrangement, the newly launched CIR55 brake Caliper featuresa custom designed eight-piston, four-pad configuration with an option for either 60mm or 64mm pistons. The caliper can be used on disc sizes between 400mm and 410mm and the centre split design allows caliper variants to be available for a variety of disc thicknesses. The fully hanging, high friction pads are fitted with an anti-rattle system and the caliper and seals are protected to cope with the harsh military environment.

Alcon expect the caliper to be used in a single-fit per wheel station configuration with a total of 8 calipers in use on a typical 8x8 armoured vehicle. It is also expected that the CIR55 could be used on heavy 6x6 and 4x4 military vehicles, where appropriate. The immediate benefits on offer are a weight reduction in the region of 50kg per vehicle, a cost reduction and improved cooling. The specific performance benefits when directly compared to the current market leading single-fit caliper solutions are: 11.5% larger piston area; 34% more pad area; 33% additional torque capacity; and all delivered with a 7% weight saving. The smaller swept profile of the CIR55 also means it can be fitted into a tighter space envelope.

The brake was developed in cooperation with AxleTech International, whose extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and application of military products, contributed to an optimal design. The brake is planned to be offered as part of AxleTech's brake portfolio under the Hydraulic Disc Brake family HD860 series.

Visitors to the AUSA exhibition will be able to view the Alcon CIR55/AxleTech HD860 brake among AxleTech’s products on stand 7936 at the show, taking place in Washington DC, 9-11October 2017. Alcon staff will also be in attendance and will be available for meetings, on appointment.

Already firmly established in the light to medium military vehicle marketplace, Alcon braking solutions have been sought out by some of the world’s finest Special Forces vehicle manufacturers.Amongst other key defence players,Supacat, the designers of the Jackal vehicle,BAe, Ricardo and Jankel have turned to Alcon to obtainbespoke, tailored braking systems that fully meet the demanding requirements of the challenging, high-performance, modern-daybattlefield. The development of the CIR55 is a step-change in Alcon’s strategy and will see them move up into the heavy end of the military vehicle market.

JonathanEdwards, Sales Director at Alcon said: “we enjoyed a significant amount interest from some of the world’s leading heavy wheeled armoured vehicle manufacturers when we unveiled this new caliper at DSEi, London in September. The natural progression is for us to now show our new product to the US market at AUSA”. He added: “We’re taking the US markets, including motorsport, automotive and defense, very seriously and we have plans in place to considerably expand our footprint in USA so we can offer US-based volume production of our wide range of defense products, as well as our products on offer in other sectors”.