Hutchinson exhibits at AUSA 2016 in Washington DC, USA

AUSA 2016
Online Show Daily News
Association of U.S. Army
Exhibition and Conference
3  - 5  October 2016
Washington D.C., United States
Hutchinson at AUSA 2016
Hutchinson exhibits at AUSA 2016 in Washington DC, USA
Hutchinson exhibits at AUSA 2016 in Washington DC, USA. Hutchinson manufactures mobility components for wheeled vehicles, with a full line of products including runflats for various levels of security, beadlocks, 2-pc aluminum Tactical™ and commercial wheels, protected fuel tanks, tire shields, and turn-key assembly services.
Hutchinson exhibits at AUSA 2016 in Washington DC USA 640 001The Hutchinson booth at AUSA 2016 
The Hutchinson Tire Shield is made of reinforced rubber and is mounted directly onto the wheel. The materials were carefully selected to be extremely resistant to tearing and perforation. The Tire Shield creates a barrier between the tire side wall and damaging terrain such as rocks and debris, preventing sharp elements from destroying the tire.

Enemies can willingly cause damages to a tire's side wall with sharp knives or small screw drivers. Vehicles operating in unfriendly environment must be equipped to prevent such acts. The materials and unqiue design of the Tire Shield have been optimized to prevent the perforation of the tyre flange by various debris in rugged terrain and battlefield. The tire remains protected behind the Tire Shield and the mobility and safety of the vehicle is preserved.

Hutchinson's tire protection system is already used on many vehicles around the world such as the US Army's Strykers or several French Army vehicles.