IAG armored SUVs & combat vehicles save lives thanks of experience in vehicle armouring solutions 11710155

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AUSA 2015
U.S. Army Annual Meeting & Exposition
12 - 14 October 2015
Washington D.C., United States
IAG at AUSA 2015
IAG armored SUVs & combat vehicles save lives thanks of experience in vehicle armouring solutions

International Armored Group (IAG) is a premium vehicle armoring company experienced in the fields of engineering, prototyping and manufacturing of armored cars, armored trucks and other armored commercial and tactical vehicles.



IAG is able to modify a civilian type vehicle to an armored protection vehicle by replacing the OEM windows with multi layered ballistic glass and outfitting the whole passenger cabin with armored plates made of ballistic steel. Unlike a military armored vehicle, which has its armor mounted on the outside of the vehicle, a civilian armored car has the armor “hidden” between the outside OEM skin and the inside panelling making the armored commercial vehicle discrete and undetectable to common eye.

The chassis of every armored vehicle is reinforced and outfitted with completely upgraded braking and suspension systems, required to properly support the weight of the armor.

IAG armoured cars and SUVs have already saved human lives thanks to the experience of the company in the research and development of innovative products that can be operated in dangerous and challenging situations.

IAG produces and manufactures a full range of tactical vehicles which can be used for law enforcement and military applications. The IAG Sentinel is an armored vehicle designed for tactical response teams. Standard vehicle armoring is available up to the CEN B6/NIJ Level III specifications, with add-on armoring available for .50 cal and B7/NIJ Level IV that is rated to withstand multiple impacts from armor piercing 7.62x51mm rifle ammunition.

The Sentinel TRV (Tactical Response Vehicle) has been specifically designed by IAG to meet the needs of the modern day SWAT and Special Response Teams (SRT). Design features have been derived based on feedback from various SWAT teams and police departments. 

At AUSA 2015, the United States Army Annual Meeting & Exposition which was held in Washington D.C., from the 12 to 14 October 2015, the Company IAG presents SUV armoured car and the Sentinel 4x4 tactical armoured vehicle. IAG Sentinel 4x4 TRV Tactical Response Vehicle