Ukraine: Ukroboronprom displayed its defense technology on National Day

On the Day of State Flag of Ukraine on St. Michael's Square in Kyiv, there was an exhibition of modern weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations "The power of the new army", manufactured by the companies Ukroboronprom.

Ukraine Ukroboronprom displayed its defense technology on National Day 1
BTR-4 8x8 armoured vehicle personnel carrier (Picture source: Ukroboronprom)

An important mission in improving the combat capabilities of the Ukrainian armed forces resides in the defense and industrial complex. This was announced by President Poroshenko at the opening of the exhibition of modern weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations "The Power of the New Army" exhibition. "I sincerely thank the soldiers and workers of the military-industrial complex for their dedication to the service of the Motherland, for the will of victory," the President said.

Petro Poroshenko stressed that now the efforts of the defense industry are focusing on the production of high-tech modern weapons which fully meet world standards, and also on the modernization of existing types of weapons, taking into account the experience gathered from their combat application in the East.

During the exhibition, the BTR-4 was demonstrated – an armored vehicle created and produced by the specialists of the Kharkiv Design Bureau Morozov. The level of protection provided by this vehicle is one of the best among the armored personnel carriers in service with the armed forces of Ukraine.

On this vehicle, the combat module BM-7 "Parus" was installed, with a 30-mm automatic gun ZTM-1, which fires at a rate of 330 rounds per minute, an automatic grenade launcher, a machine gun and anti-tank missile launcher "Barrier”. The Deutz engine and Allison automatic transmission enable the BTR-4’s 22 tons to reach 110 km/h. The modular design of the BTR-4 allows to create other versions. 

For example, the BMM-4C is a sanitary version of the BTR-4. The BMM-4C is capable of simultaneously evacuating up to four lying wounded on stretchers or up to 10 sitting people. The vehicle carries medical equipment: defibrillator, breathing apparatus, as well as containers for a wide range of medicines and dressings.

The BTR-3DA is produced at the Kiev Armored Plant. This amphibious wheeled vehicle is equipped with the combat module "Sturm-M", armed with the identical BM-7 "Sail". The Deutz engine enables the BTR-3DA to reach 100 km/h. The vehicle has proved reliable and versatile, capable of fulfilling a wide range of tasks.

The main battle tanks T-64BV are undergoing repair and modernization at the State Enterprise "Kharkiv Armored Plant" and the "Kharkiv Design Bureau Morozov". The T-64BV benefits from fundamentally new structural solutions: an automatic fire control system with a laser range finder, a ballistic calculator and a complex of armored weapons, which allows firing guided missiles. This tank is the main combat vehicle of the Ukrainian armored units.

Ukraine Ukroboronprom displayed its defense technology on National Day 2
T-64 BV (Picture source: Ukroboronprom)

The T-72 AMT, from the State Enterprise "Kyiv Armored Plant", is a modernized tank which has received night vision devices with modern third-generation, electro-optical converters for all crew members, and a night sight tor fire high-precision missiles. This vehicle only recently completed the next stage of the test, during which the firing modes of the new tank were deployed for various types of munitions, including high-precision guided missiles "Combat" from Concern of the LCC "Luch".

The possibility of firing the "Combat" missile is one of the main features of the T-72 AMT, an upgraded version of the T-72A. Due to the use of new high-precision weapons, it is possible to destroy enemy armor at a range of up to 5 km. So, the effective range of firing of a T-72AMT is twice that of the T-72A. In addition, during the modernization, special attention was paid to a significant increase in protection, thanks to the use of new dynamic, as well as reliable communication: the T-72 AMT is receiving modern digital radio systems.

Ukraine Ukroboronprom displayed its defense technology on National Day 3
T-84 Oplot main battle tank (Picture source: Ukroboronprom)

The "T-84 Oplot" tank was developed by the State Enterprise "Kharkiv Design Bureau Morozov" and produced by the State Enterprise "Malyshev Plant". Thanks to the experience gained during the war by the armed forces and Ukroboronprom's enterprises, it became possible to begin the technology integration work into the "Oplot”. It starts with advanced digital equipment, in particular, sighting complex and fire control system.

Also within the framework of the exhibition, various ammunition types were presented, manufactured by "Artem": 155-mm projectiles according to NATO standard, as well as 152-, 122- and 100-mm. In addition, ARChK presented RS-80 Oskol rockets and RPG-7 projectiles.

Other creations of the enterprises "Ukroboronproma" are already actively used in the troops: "Dozor-B", 82-mm mortar KMB-48M1, Spammers, "Osa" anti-aircraft missile system, as well as high-precision anti-tank missiles "Stugna" and "Corsar".