Droneshield releases handheld RfPatrol Mk II drone detector

Sydney-based DroneShield has announced the release of the next-generation version of its body-worn drone detection device, RfPatrol Mk.II.

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RfPatrol Mk II (Picture source: DroneShield)

The original RfPatrol was released in May 2019 and was embraced by Australia as well as a number of key allied markets. According to the company, that device had a range of up to 1 km and gave out no intentional RF emissions or decryption of wireless protocols.

The device is completely passive (non-emitting), substantially broadening the range of customers to whom the product is lawfully available, and also appealing to use cases where the device cannot be detectable to the enemy forces due to having no emissions. The RfPatrol Mk II also enables an operator to determine the direction of the incoming threat through an optional add-on, the Directional Antenna Unit.

The RfPatrol Mk II can be operated in two modes, ‘Stealth’ and ‘Glimpse’, allowing the user to control how they receive alerts. The device is supported by easy to install, remote updates that allow the operator to keep their devices database up to date with the changing threat environment.

The Mk II device also boasts an increased range of up to 4 km (in rural environments). The next-gen product is approximately 40% smaller, with a reduced weight of 800 grams (including battery), and incorporates a "range of further enhancements requested by the end-users following [the] last 12 months of in-field deployments". The device operates off of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which comes as NATO-standard military grade.