Russia: Udav pistol recommended for serial production

An interagency committee has finished the checking of the terms of reference for the Udav pistol that has been developed by the design bureau Tsiitochmash (a subsidiary of the state corporation Rostec). The 9 mm semi-automatic handgun has been cleared for serial production, the press department of Rostec said in a statement.

Russia Udav pistol recommended for serial production
Udav pistol with sound silencer (Picture source: Rostec)

"The committee has revised the terms of reference, results of preliminary and state trials and fixation of drawbacks revealed during [previous] tests. The next stage of the program is either adoption of the handgun by the [Russian] military or operational evaluation and tests. The Udav`s readiness for serial manufacturing has been confirmed by the Ministry of Defense and approved by an act released by the committee," said a spokesperson for Rostec.

"The Udav pistol meets all modern requirements to small arms. The use of composite materials has allowed reduction of the handgun`s weight and an increase of the performance. Udav can be operated in a temperature range between -50 C° and +70 C°; thus, the handgun meets [the requirements] of all arms and services," said Rostec`s Director for Industry Sergey Abramov.

The Udav pistol is chambered for 9x21 cartridge that provides superiority over existing handguns, namely Makarov PM and Yarigin PYa. The new weapon can be fitted with combined laser pointers developed by Rostec`s Novosibirsk Instrument-Building Plant (NPZ). The pistol is fed by an 18-round magazine and fires a wide range of ammunition, including armour-piercing, tracer, and hollow point cartridges.

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