Russia: Bazalt details DP-64 Nepryadva counter-sabotage grenade launcher

Russia`s defense contractor Bazalt (a subsidiary of the Rostec’s Concern Tecmash) has detailed its DP-64 45 mm counter-sabotage grenade launcher. "The DP-64 grenade launcher can be used by both naval ships and civil vessels, including during counter-piracy operations. Owing to an active scheme of functioning, the weapon features a locked breech end. The launcher produces almost no noise," said a spokesperson for Bazalt.

Russia Bazalt details DP 64 counter sabotage grenade launcher
DP-64 Nepryadva grenade launcher (Picture source: Turbosquid)

The DP-64 has been fitted with two 45mm barrels and has a practical rate of fire of some five to six rounds per minute. The ammunition load of the launcher comprises two types of grenades, namely, a signal to mark frogmen in water and a high-explosive to destroy targets. "The DP-64 is planned to receive two types of ammunition, a high-explosive fragmentation grenade and a less lethal grenade. The modernization will result in the weapon`s abilities to engage both underwater and exposed targets," said the spokesperson.

The DP-64 Nepryadva is designed to protect surfaced submarines, ships, dockyards, water development works, and other coastal installations from combat swimmers and naval special forces. The weapon is breech-loading and operates much like a large shotgun with a side-break breech, utilizing both direct and indirect iron sights. The weapon is capable of firing grenades indirectly at ranges up to 400 meters; however, these grenades act much like small depth charges, attacking submerged swimmers like true depth charges attack submersibles. A large polymer stock and the barrels themselves make up the bulk of the weapon. The barrels are selected by turning a lever accommodated above the trigger guard. A front pistol grip is equipped for support and is out of alignment with the rear grip and trigger mechanism, providing a more natural grip while firing indirectly. The butt is fitted with a springy rubber pad to diminish felt recoil. Direct fire sights are also provided for use from a helicopter allowing for large areas to be patrolled and protected from enemy combat swimmers. The grenade launcher was developed in 1989 and introduced in 1990.

The DP-64 grenade launcher is now in serial production, said Pavel Sidorov, a representative of NPO Bazalt, the designer of the DP-64, at the 2015 International Defense Exhibition (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi. Sidorov said that the company received a large order from Russia's Defense Ministry for the weapons. Previously, the DP-64 has only been built in small numbers for the Russian coast guard, Federal Security Service, and a handful of marine units.