Ukraine Army received first AT-105 Saxon APC and HMMWV armed by Ukroboronprom

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Ukraine Army received first AT105 Saxon APC and HMMWV armed by Ukroboronprom
On April 4th, the specialists of “Mayak” company, which is part of Ukroboronprom presented to the President of Ukraine, the Minister of Defense and the heads of other law enforcement agencies, the armed version of AT-105 Saxon APC and of recently received HMMWV.
Ukraine Army received first AT-105 Saxon APC and HMMWV armed by UkroboronpromUkraine President personnaly took delivery of first armed AT-105 Saxon APC

In March 25, we informed you that Ukroboronprom was ready to equip AT-105 Saxon APC with combat modules shortly. Two weeks later, the work is done. AT-105 Saxon are equipped with two 7.62mm machine guns above the rear compartment and one 12.7mm DSHKM heavy machine gun above the turret. All those weapons are fitted with holographic sights.

The recently received HMMWV have also been equipped with machine guns. Machine guns are intended for destruction of manpower and firepower of the enemy. Combat rate of fire is about 250 rounds per minute with an effective range between 1300-2000m.

On February 12, Ukraine armed forces had taken delivery first batch of British-made 4x4 armoured vehicles AT105 Saxon. The AT105 Saxon has a hull of all-welded steel, with the driver seated at the very front of the hull on the right side and the personnel compartment at the rear. The hull provides the crew with complete protection against small arms fire up to and including 7.62 mm armour-piercing rounds, and HE shell fragments up to 155 mm bursting at 10 m from the vehicle. The floor is V-shaped to give maximum protection against mine blast, except for the axles, which are outside the armoured section.