New CSK-131-based TL-4 missile launcher unveiled at Air Show China 2018

Another CSK-131 Mengshi-based missile launcher platform has been launched at Air Show China 2018 by the Chinese vehicles manufacturer Dong Feng Motor Group. The Mengshi 4x4 offroad vehicle this time integrates the TL-4 anti-tank man-portable missile system.

Dong Feng with VT 4 anti tank missile photo 001
Dong Feng CSK-131 Mengshi vehicle with TL-4 anti-tank missile system
(Picture source Army Recognition)

The TL-4 light-vehicle mounted missile system includes missiles in canisters, chassis, a fire control system, a command and control system and a man-portable launching control system. The crew is composed of one shooter, one commander and one driver. All the firing procedure is being performed inside the vehicle, while dismounted man-portable mode will also be available, Dong Feng adds.

The missile launcher includes EO/IR surveillance and targeting capabilities at up to 6.5 km in CCD mode, and 6 km in IR mode. Four missiles are pre-positioned in their canister directly in the turret, while 2 to 4 additional missiles can be carried at the back of the vehicle. Reaction time is less than 10 secondes, says Dong Feng, and it takes only 12 minutes to reload four missiles. The TL-4 missile weapon system can be ready to fire in 9 seconds, after a missile firing, it takes only 30 seconds to leave the position. The whole system has a total weight of 30 kg. The missile can be fire from 100 to 6,000 m against static and moving targets.

Combination of the two systems offers high mobility, pinpoint accuracy, short transition time between moving and combat mode, and single of formation operations, says Dong Feng.

Dongfeng Mengshi is a family of off-road 4×4 vehicle developed by Dongfeng Motor Group.Early generations of the vehicle are licence-built Hummer H1, while later generations of the vehicles are indigenous design. The CSK-131 variant is based on the EQ2060 vehicle. It has been completely redesigned with new engine and new onboard computers with digital map software and Beidou SATCOM and GPS. Curb weight is 4,900 kg while payload capability reaches 1,400 kg and operational range about 500 km.