Azerbaijan MoD showcases Iti Qovan UAV at ADEX 2022

The Azerbaijani Ministry of Defense showcases the Iti Qovan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle at the International Defense Military Exhibition, ADEX, which is held for the 4th time at the Baku Expo Center on September 6-8, 2022.

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Iti Qovan Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, at Baku Center Exposition, Azerbaijan. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Previously, the name of that UAV was kamikaze ''Zərbə''. Later, serial production of this weapon was started at the institution of the Ministry of Defense Industry under the name "dog chaser".

It should be noted that the kamikaze UAV, which is called "Iti Qovan", can stay in the air for up to 5 hours. The device with explosive power is effective against infantry, various types of equipment and manpower.

The expert says that a special mini optical tracking camera is placed in the device. The device has a special electronic protection system and is resistant to electronic interference.

When the satellite GPS connection is lost, the device is capable of performing a free combat mission. Apart from this, "chasing the dog" has several other advantages.