ADEX 2018: BSVT highlighting new family of combat UGVs

At ADEX 2018, the Belarusian company BSVT is introducing for the first time in a defense exhibition a new family of combat unmanned ground vehicles dubbed Bogomol and Centaur, which made their first public appearance at this year's Independence Day parade in Minsk. 

ADEX 2018 Azerbaijan international defence exhibition Baku 10
BSVT's Bogomol Combat UGV at ADEX 2018
(Picture source Army Recognition)

BSVT's Bogomol UGV is intended for day/night optical reconnaissance and automatic targeting of protected ground vehicles or low-flying aircraft, such as helicopters and UAVs.

The Bogomol system consists of a self-propelled tracked robotized combat vehicle and a remote control station allowing the soldier to operate the UGV via wireless link witin a range of 5 km or 1km in urban area.

It features capability of carrying up to four anti-tank guided missiles with different types of controls and guidance. Cross country speed is reaching 5 km/h. The platform is powered by an in-built diesel generator in travel mode, or by battery in combat mode. This hybrid propulsion makes it silent and invisible in IR band.

The battery enables the system to stay in active combat duty during maximum one hour, or one day if it operates the passive scanning mode. When powered by diesel engine, the Bogomol has an operational range of up to 80 km.

Not physically present at ADEX 2018 but also showcased by BSVT is also the Centaur armed UGV. The Centaur is armed with two GShG 7.62 mm barrel guns for targeting ennemy soldiers and low flying targets. It also consists of a self-propelled tracked robotized combat vehicle and a remote control station. The system is highly mobile and can cross harsh terrain, making it a good solution for i.e. automatic border surveillance. Its diesel engine gives it an operational range of 30 km.