Havelsan introduces new parachute simulator system in Azerbaijan 22909163

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27 - 30 September 2016
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Havelsan at ADEX 2016
Havelsan introduces new parachute simulator system in Azerbaijan
The Turkish defense contractor Havelsan presents for the first time a new parachute simulator at ADEX 2016 exhibition in Baku. According to Havelsan, the Turkish Armed Forces already bought five systems to train its Special Forces.
Havelsan introduces new parachute simulator system in Azerbaijan 640 001Havelsan's new parachute simulator at ADEX 2016
With this system, a training jump only costs 4-5 US$ (against 60$ for a real jump), a representative of Havelsan told Army Recognition.

In addition to the simulation structure in itself, the parachute simulator consists of an Instructor Operator Station (IOS), a Virtual Display System, an Environmental Sound and Communication System, an Image Generator and a Debriefing System.

The IOS console is used for scenario management and manage running training (view, change, situations, inject malfunction, etc.). The IOS also allows after action review. It consists of Console Hardware, Console Software, and Sound and Communication System.

The Oculus display system of parachute simulator is a Helmet Mounted Display which works with integrated sensors to simultaneously change the field of view area of parachute jumper.

The Environmental Sound system is used to enhance the reality of the simulation. Level, frequency and direction of sounds are simulated. For Trainee-Instructor and Trainee-Trainee communication, an internal communication subsystem is available. Trainees can communicate with each others and with instructors.

The Image Generator simulates weather conditions (sunny, rainy, snowy, windy, foggy, etc.) and times-of-day. It is running on COTS hardware and is designed for modifications upon customer request.