Elbit Systems and Plasan join forces to propose Sandcat mortar carrier variant 22809164

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Elbit Systems at ADEX 2016
Elbit Systems and Plasan join forces to propose Sandcat mortar carrier variant
Elbit Systems' SPEAR  MK2 120 mm mortar once again proves its high level of versatility. At ADEX 2016, Elbit Systems and the defense vehicles manufacturer Plasan join forces to propose a new version of the well-known Sandcat 4x4 light armored vehicle fitted with the SPEAR  MK2 on the rear of the vehicle.
Elbit Systems and Plasan join forces to propose Sandcat mortar carrier varian 640 002Elbit Systems and Plasan join forces to propose a new mortar carrier variant of the Sandcat light armored vehicle
Plasan's Sandcat is customized for both military and homeland security purposes, such as SWAT missions and counter-insurgency activity. It is based on an upgraded commercial of-the-shelf Ford F-Series 4x4 chassis, adapted by Oshkosh Corporation for military use and fitted with Plasan-designed and manufactured modular armour made of advanced Metal Composite & Ceramics Composite Kitted Hull structure.

Elbit Systems’ SPEAR MK2 is a fully autonomous, vehicle-mounted 120mm soft recoil mortar system for high-mobility platforms. SPEAR MK2 delivers effective fre support by combining the fexibility and lethality of accurate mortar fre with exceptional tactical mobility. The mortar is a derivative of the combat-proven soft recoil mortar which is muzzle loaded and turntable-mounted and is being used extensively by the US Army, NATO, the Israel Defense Force and others.

Elbit Systems and Plasan join forces to propose Sandcat mortar carrier varian 640 001Elbit Systems' SPEAR MK2 120 mm mortar system
The SPEAR MK2 is equipped with computerized aiming and navigation devices, enabling the mortar system to be operated autonomously and aimed without the need for external reference points. SPEAR MK2 can be integrated with a variety of battle management systems (BMS) and includes technical fre management, scheduled fre plans, a prioritization target process and an attack result forecast. The system also manages ammunition, personnel, assignments and serial number equipment reports.

The system can operate independently with forward observers and/or deployed forces. The system can also be deployed on a standalone basis or as part of the battery/platoon configuration.

targeting information is relayed to the fre control system (FCS) which computes the ballistic data and orders the electric drive system (EDS) to position the mortar barrel to the exact azimuth and elevation. The mortar fre control system (MFCS) receives feedback from the north fnding system (NFS) and inclination gauge units (IGU).




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