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Loitering ammunition from UAE Adasi Halcon Edge QX Shadow family drone UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

During IDEX 2021, the International Land Defense Exhibition, ADASI and Halcon-UAE (United Arab Emirates) based company, subdivisions of EDGE, have unveiled new technology of loitering ammunition using drone UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) armed with SMART bombs.

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Summary of the video:

00:00​ INTRO
00:54​ What is a loitering ammunition
01:23​ ADASI - QX-1 loitering ammunition based on quadcopter VTOL Micro-UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
03:32​ ADASI - QX-2 loitering ammunition base on quadcopter drone able to carry one smart bomb
05:23​ ADASI - QX-3 loitering ammunition, based on UAV able to carry up to four smart bombs
07:15​ ADASI - QX-4 largest loitering ammunition in the QX family using a fixed-wings design with a payload up to 5 kg
09:25​ HALCON - Shadow 25 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) provides defense forces with jet-powered, rapid-strike kamikaze munitions capable of delivering a precision strike against fixed targets.
11:06​ HALCON - Shadow 50 is the largest version in the Shadow family of jet-powered loitering munitions unmanned aerial vehicle systems.
11:41​ OUTRO


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