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Army Recognition
January 2004

Indian Army display Prithvi and Akash missiles during the Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi

.An Indian army vehicle carrying an Prithvi missile. India tested a short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile at a test range on the country's eastern coast, a defence source said. Indian soldiers display Akash and Agni-2 missiles as they take part in a full dress rehearsal for Indian Republic Day celebrations in New Delhi January 23, 2004.
24 January 2004

Agni-2 missile picture Agni-2 missile picture Akash missile picture
Akash missile picture Prithvi missile picture  



U.S. Air Force CH-53 helicopter carrying Vice President Dick Chene with the protection of police armoured vehicle

A U.S. Air Force CH-53 helicopter carrying Vice President Dick Cheney takes off from the Zurich International Airport as an armored Piranha Mowag police vehicle guards the runway where dignitaries shuttle to the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Cheney will address the WEF meeting Saturday in Davos.
23 January 2004

Mowag Piranha info



Japanese soldiers entered to the conflict zone in Iraq

Japanese soldiers entered a conflict zone Monday for first time since World War II, crossing into Iraq on a humanitarian mission that has stirred controversy at home while raising great expectations among Iraqis.
20 January 2004

Light japanese Armoured vehicle Light japanese Armoured vehicle Light japanese Armoured vehicle
Light japanese Armoured vehicle Japanese soldier in Iraq Japanese soldier in Iraq



T-90S and Agni-2 missile during the Army Day of India to New Delhi

Indian soldiers stand alongside the Agni-2 missile during an Army Day rehearsal in New Delhi, January 13, 2004. The T-90S was also presented during this military parade. The nuclear-capable Agni-2 can deliver a 1,000-kg (2205 lb) payload more than 2,000 kms (1243 miles), allowing it to reach targets throughout Pakistan and much of western China. India celebrates its annual Army Day on January 15 with a traditional show of its military might.
15 January 2004

Agni-2 Missile Agni-2 Missile Info T-90S



Ivory Coast's
French soldiers on their way to deploying in rebel-held Ferkessedougou

French soldiers (R) on their way to deploying in rebel-held Ferkessedougou, about 600 km from Abidjan in northern Ivory Coast, encounter rebel troops at a checkpoint on the road, January 11, 2004. About 200 French soldiers have been deployed in the area, which is the first time the French have put any significant numbers on the ground deep in rebel zones in the north.
11 January 2004

VAB Info VAB Info VAB Info
  VBL Info  



Israeli Army conducting stepped up operations against Palestinian militants

The Israeli army is conducting stepped up operations against Palestinian militants throughout the northern West Bank since mid-December, focusing heavily on the city of Nablus. A defiant Palestinian teenager does a hand-stand in front of Israeli armoured personnel carriers during a military operation in the northern West Bank refugee camp of Jenin.
11 January 2004

Merkava main battle tank description M113



Thai soldiers patrol on an armored vehicle against Al-Qaida-linked terrorists

Thai soldiers patrol on an armored vehicle on a highway in Narathiwat, Thailand, Friday, Jan. 9, 2004. Al-Qaida-linked terrorists helped a Muslim insurgency carry out audacious attacks on 21 schools and security forces in southern Thailand, the country's new security adviser told The Associated Press. It was the first acknowledgment by a senior Thai official that foreign militants have helped local separatists stage hit-and-run attacks over the past two years, resulting in the killings of 56 police and soldiers. See the pictures of light armored vehicle Humvee used by the Army of Thailand.
08 January 2004

Thai Humvee Thai Humvee



Soldiers stand guard front of official office where is the rebel Simon Trinidad

Soldiers stand guard on an armored tank Engensa EE-9 Cascavel in front of the attorney general's office, where top rebel commander Simon Trinidad is being held in Bogota, Colombia, Sunday Jan.4,2004. Trinidad, who was arrested in Quito by the Ecuadorean police late Friday, is a member of the general staff of the 16,000-member Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, the largest rebel group in Colombia. He was one of the top negotiators during peace talks with the government that began in January 1999. The talks collapsed in Feb. 2002, and the army resumed operations against the FARC.
04 January 2004

Engensa EE-9 Cascavel More info Engensa EE-9 Cascavel More info



Soldiers protect planes to the national airport Charles de Gaulle

A soldier stands a top a light armored vehicle in front an Air France plane bound for New York, at Charles de Gaulle airport, north of Paris, Friday Jan. 2, 2004. Air France canceled up to six flights between Paris and Los Angeles over Christmas, after security discussions between U.S and French officials. French police confirmed Friday that six cases of mistaken identity, not terrorists, were behind the pre-Christmas emergency grounding of the flights. The armoured vehicle VBRG VXB-170 are used by the french gendarmerie.
02 January 2004

Pictures Description
VBRG VXB-170 Pictures Description VBRG VXB-170 Pictures Description






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