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Update 25 March 2008

The new web site of Army Recognition is available now.

UNIFIL Maritime exercise with French army

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) conducted a maritime exercise, .....

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Suicide attacker detonated a bomb at a Shiite mosque

Police say a suspected suicide attacker detonated a bomb at a Shiite mosque in Peshawar, .....

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Iraqi Army received 650 US made Humvee

Iraq received 650 U.S. made Humvees on Thursday in Baghdad,.....

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UNIFIL vehicle attacked by a roadside bomb

Lebanese army soldiers stand guard near the damaged U.N vehicle that was attacked by a roadside bomb, .....

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Lebanon UNIFIL light wheeled vehicle picture . Lebanese army soldiers stand guard near the damaged U.N vehicle that was attacked by a roadside bomb, in the highway of the town of Rmeileh, near the southern coastal city of Sidon, Tuesday Jan. 8, 200, lightly wounding two peacekeepers, U.N. and Lebanese officials said

Chadian warplanes have attacked Chadian Rebels

Chadian warplanes have attacked a Chadian rebel base across the border, .....

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Chadian army Chad soldier picture . Chadian soldiers ride on armoured vehicles in 2007 close to the Kapka mountain range near the border with Sudan's troubled Darfur region. Chadian warplanes have attacked a Chadian rebel base across the border, southwest of El-Geneina in the Darfur region of Sudan.
Defence Industry news  
Update 23 January 2008

A further of 21 Mowag Piranha IIIC for Spanish Marines

Until today 18 PIRANHA IIIC 8x8 are in operation with the Spanish Marines and this second order will summarize to a total fleet of 39 units, .....

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Swedish and Dutch order Kodiak armoured engineer vehicle

The total value of the orders is approximately EUR100 million. Signed on January 16, 2008, the contracts include ten systems for the Dutch Army, and six for the Swedish Army, .....

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BAE Systems wins contract for MRAP II vehicle

BAE Systems will produce Category I MRAP II test vehicles based on the company’s Caiman 6x6 design and Category II MRAP II test vehicles based on the company’s RG33 6x6 vehicle., .....

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Plasan Will Supply 1,500 Additional U.S. Marines Vehicles

The ballistic protection solutions which Plasan will provide the Marines under this expanded order build on those which it has already provided to the U.S. military, .....

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News Abrams MBT : M1A2 Abrams SEP
The US Army is beginning to field its M1 TUSK for urban warfare, .....

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America's M1 Abrams tanks come in a number of versions. In addition to the M1A1 that is now standard, the US Army is beginning to field its M1 TUSK for urban warfare. It also operates the M1A2 and M1A2 System Enhancement Program (SEP), currently the most advanced standard variant.

The New Brother site Air Recognition, Aircraft of the world identification
Visit the new brother site of Army Recognition, Air Recognition identification, description, pictures gallery about aircraft of the world http://www.airrecognition.com .........
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Visit the new brother site of Army Recognition, Air Recognition identification, description, pictures gallery about aircraft of the world http://www.airrecognition.com
News Magazine Army Recognition  
11 February 2008 Update
The Issue 8 is available now

The magazine Issue 8 is now available to the site Army Recognition.
For only 14.90 € , you have a full colour magazine with 64 pages, 120 colour pictures and a CD with more than 1000 high resolution pictures about armoured and military vehicles is use today with lot of details pictures.
Text in French and English.
In this Issue 8 , US M1 Abrams , Turkish SPM-120, British Saxon AT-105, Austrian SK-105 Kuirassier, French VBL Reco 12,7 mm, Israeli Tiran-5 MBT, Russian BMP-T Terminator, British FOX Ferret.
Photographs report about the Polish Army MSPO , and the Peruvian Army SITDEF.

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New Technical Data sheet  
12 November 2007 Update
New Technical Data sheet and pictures

New technical data sheet and pictures about , US Army wheeled armoured vehicle Buffalo, Cougar H, Cougar HE, and Sheeta.

See Index page

New Photographs Report  
23 January 2008 Update
Army Recognition official partner of Defence Exhibition SOFEX, DSA, EUROSATORY and MSPO for year 2008

The Army Recognition magazine and web site become now a very popular media for the communication to the worldwide Defence Companies and Exhibition. Laste year, more than 3.000.000 people have visited our web site and the magazine is read to all parts of the World. Our work and our growing popularity, us allowed to become official partner with four Defence Exhibition : SOFEX 2008 International Special Operations Forces Defence Exhibition (Jordan), DSA 2008 International Defence Services Asia Exhibition (Malaysia), EUROSATORY 2008 International Land Airland Homeland Defence Exhibition ( France), and MSPO 2008 International Defence Exhibition (Poland).
The first event of the year is the SOFEX 2008, see every day before the 01 April 2008 what's happen during the event, with photographs and daily news.
Visit this link to see more about SOFEX 2008.

SOFEX 2008 News Daily and pictures

DSA 2008 News Daily and pictures


SitDef 2007, International Defence Exhibition, Lima , Peru.

The SITDEF 2007, is the first international event in the field of the the technology for the defense that made in Peru. After attenting during years similar exhibitions in the region and the world, Peru will be the host of the encounter of Defense Technology. During five days, from the 21 to the 25 November 2007, local and foreign companies will show some of the laste defence technologies products. For this first edition, the organisation was very good and the position to the headquarters of the Pruvian Army was a very interesting place to see military equipment and products of Peruvian Army. The team of Army Recognition was the only foreign media who cover this event, and make a full photographs reports about the SITDEF 2007. The Army Recognition magazine cover lot of military defence in the world, and he become one of the most interest media about military products and defence events from all parts of the world. Our magazine and web site, is now very popular and is one of the best way to promote Defence Exhibition and military products.
Visit the pictures gallery about SITDEF 2007.

SITDEF 2007 pictures gallery


Expomil 2007, International Defence Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania.

Expomil 2007 International Defence Exhibition, organized by Romexpo, together with Romanian Ministry of Defense,Romanian Ministry of Economy and Commerce, Romanian Ministry of Administration and Interior, Romarm S.A. and Patromil, is intended to present the latest achivements in the military equipment and technologies fields and also to create the professional frame aiming to bring together manufacturers, importers and distributors. The magazine of Army Recognition was there, to make a photographs report about this event, and see the laste technologies produce by Romanian Defence Industries.

Expomil 2007 pictures gallery


News to Pictures DataBase  
18 November 2007 Update
Thousands of pictures available now

Hundreds of new pictures available :
Engineer vehicle and armoured ........
For 60 € for one year access you can see and download thousands of high resolution pictures about modern armoured, vehicles, weapons, and military equipment of ground forces. Update all the time in the year.

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