The newest generation Military and Law SONAR Emily at MSPO 2018

Hydronalix has just released its newest generation Military and Law Enforcement SONAR EMILY

The newest generation Military and Law SONAR Emily at MSPO 2018
(Picture source: Army Recognition )

The new generation SONAR EMILY platform focuses on forensics, body recovery, mapping, bathymetry, point or area reconnaissance, identifying hazards within shipping channels and canals, with side scanning and downward imagery. This one of a kind platform supports military operations, dive team functions, and forensic discovery by reducing manpower, cost, and accelerates operations through real time sonar capabilities. The hull design is engineered from aircraft grade fiberglass, Kevlar and epoxy and it is designed for single personnel deployment, operated either by autonomy or by remote control. Easy to deploy in lakes, rivers, streams, piers, oceans or other water sources, the sonar capability allows military personnel to GIS map locations of interest for further evaluation by the team on ship or shore. It captures imagery that is displayed on a payload station at real time. This data is recorded and captured on the unique, portable, light weight payload station and the information can be transferred to system computers. Another unique capability that is offered allows for dive team members to be vectored toward a target identified on the payload station. The Sonar does not interfere with internal operations communication while performing underwater dive ops. Completely waterproof and environmentally safe for all bodies of water, the Sonar EMILY's battery life can last up to 4 hours at 1-2 knots. Weighing only 17kg (37 pounds), 1.3 meters long (4.2 feet), the Sonar EMILY can easily be transported by commercial airlines or small vehicles to access and support disasters both natural and manmade for both sonar and humanitarian rescue operations.


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