Microflown AVISA's Perch and Listen AMMS innovative sensor concept introduced in Poland 20209154

MSPO 2015
Official Foreign Online Show Daily News and Official Web TV
International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
1 - 4 September 2015
Kielce , Poland
Microflown AVISA at MSPO 2015
Microflown AVISA's Perch and Listen AMMS innovative sensor concept introduced in Poland
An innovative multi-mission sensor project is on display at MSPO 2015 in Kielce: the Perch and Listen Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensor (AMMS). Produced by the Dutch company Microflown AVISA, Perch and Listen AMMS is a revolutionary way of accurately locating hostile fire positions with the help of a quadcopter carried Acoustic Multi-Mission Sensors (AMMS).
Microflown AVISA s Perch and Listen AMMS innovative sensor concept introduced in Poland 640 001Microflown AVISA "Perch and Listen" AMMS system embedded into specifically developed quadcopter
The Perch and Listen AMMS system is based on the worldwide unique and extremely small Acoustic Vector Particle Velocity Sensor technology embedded into a specifically developed quadcopter for long range deployment.

Depending on the given scenario Perch and Listen AMMS can be deployed as a single AMMS solution to locate Small Arms Fire, or become a part of a networked Mobile Force Protection or a Long Range Artillery Localisation System which can locate Small Arms Fire (SAF) as well as Rockets, Artillery and Mortars (RAM).

Microflown AVISA developed the Perch and Listen AMMS to be easily flown and deployed far beyond traditional border lines in hostile territory, without the endangerment of own troops. The closer the sensors are placed towards the hostile fire, the better the accuracy of the reported grid coordinates of the hostile fire positions.

Perch and Listen system has a flight distance of 10-14km and a flight velocity of 12m/s. The system has a total weight of 5kg.

This unique localisation system is considered to be a “game changer” for the battlefield by the Netherlands Armed Forces, which has funded the development of this technology, giving ears to UAVs, which is unprecedented to date.

The Perch and Listen AMMS can basically be deployed in any hostile terrain, utilising an advanced autonomous landing feature, which allows easy and safe landing in hostile terrain even on remote islands in order to ideally surround, or bring the Perch and Listen AMMS as close as possible towards the hostile fire position. Once moved per drag and drop with the GUI of the AMMS C2 Software, Perch and Listen AMMS relocates itself to the chosen position. One of the main advantages of the Perch and Listen AMMS is that, it does not require specially trained personnel to operate the system, which is designed to take the burden of the soldier to deploy and maintain sensor posts in hostile terrain on foot.

The unprecedented ability to ideally surround hostile fire positions with the Perch and Listen AMMS on hostile territory, ensures localisations with high accuracy grid coordinates for counter measures. This capability greatly outperforms accuracy, reliability and deployability of traditional sound ranging systems locating long range artillery fire.



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