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U.S. Special Operations Forces have a new aid in the fight against cyber-attacks. The Tactical Key Loader (TKL) cryptographic key device, which answers the Army’s call for the Next Generation Load Device-Small (NGLD-S), provides critical command and control of emergency, time-sensitive and secure communications during Special Forces missions. Kathryn Bailey, PEO C3T Public Affairs, reports.

German army continues to use the American M270 MLRS, Multiple Launch Rocket System that entered in service with the U.S. Army in 1983. The German version has now been upgraded to the standard MARS II/MLRS-E able to fire guided rockets. The M270 is also in service with Egypt, Bahrain, Finland, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, and the UK.

The U.S. Marine Corps is modernizing and reshaping its force for the future naval expeditionary fight. Future naval warfare, specifically in the Indo-Pacific region, will require increased mobility and active communication to circumvent difficult situations. Improving battlefield communication is a major aspect of the Marine Corps’ modernization efforts to meet this future fight. Matt Gonzales, U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command, reports.

The U.S. Army is experimenting with prototypes of fast-forming vehicle power grids that will enable greater mobility for Soldiers on the battlefield. Two Army Futures Command (AFC) research centers joined Project Manager Terminal High Altitude Area Defense and the Rapid Reaction Technology Office at Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, in March to demonstrate a proof-of-concept power system that enables enhanced continuity of operations and maneuverability. Dan Lafontaine, DEVCOM C5ISR Center Public Affairs, reports.

The British Army is experimenting with an innovative digital communications suite that will revolutionise the way soldiers operate in the battle spaces of the future, it announces on its website. Improving their situational awareness or Dismounted Situational Awareness (DSA) is the goal and digital technology is expected to play a vital role in achieving that.

Voevoda R-36M2 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) is one of the most powerful Russian nuclear deterrence. However, there is the task to create a modern ICBM that can replace Voevoda and break through missile defense, which constantly increases its capabilities. Sarmat RS-28 ICBM will do the job, the Military-Industrial Courier writes.

U.S. Army researchers contributed to the development of lighter armored vehicles for Soldiers with new computational and theoretical models. According to Army researcher Dr. Benjamin Szajewski, the objective of this research is to improve understanding of the strengthening mechanisms in metal alloys. U.S. Army DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory Public Affairs report.

Technical review of the new FN EVOLYS Ultralight machine gun by Army Recognition editorial team. The Belgium-based company FN Herstal, a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of firearms, unveils its new FN EVOLYS ultralight machine gun chambered either in 5.56x45mm or 7.62x51mmNATO caliber. In the next few days, the Army Recognition editorial team will be the very first European media to have the opportunity of performing firing tests with this new machine gun on FN Herstal’s facilities.

Udar can increase capabilities thanks to additional drones. It has already been tested with drones, including connected ones that are powered by Udar. Such drones are good for reconnaissance, situation awareness, and retransmission of signals in communication systems.

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