Warrior Competition 2018 Day 2 event Gut Check Route KASOTC Amman Jordan

May 1, 2018, day 2 for Army Recognition online Defense and Security magazine at the Warrior Competition 2018 in KASOTC, King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. Every day, Army Recognition editorial team publishes latest news and full video coverage about day events of the Warrior Competition 2018. Two events were held today, the Gut Check Route and The Pipe Hitter.

Warrior Competition 2018 Day 2 Gut Check Route event KASOTC Amman Jordan 925 001
Competitors during the Gut Check event at the Warrior Competition administers an IV (intravenous) injection to a member of his team after a run of several kilometers (Picture source Army Recognition)

For the Gut Check Route, all competitors started at the same time, on the Helo Pad located in the 2nd Special Forces Unit Training Area. Competitors are to follow the designated route marked with orange cones. Also, an AWC official will be located at every significant turn to eliminate any confusion. The distance traveled by the competitors during this event was about 20 km in harsh and mountainous terrain conditions with their individual gear, armour vest, weapons and backpack loaded with 20 kg of sand.

At an unknown distance/location along the route the smallest member of your team will become a casualty. The remaining team members must administer an IV (intravenous) injection of saline fluid, prepare, and transport (by liter) the casualty upon reaching the extraction/finish point. The remaining team members will be required to move the casualty and ALL of the casualty’s equipment to the finish line. No additional items are authorized to support in the transport of the casualty.

Intravenous (IV) medications are a solutions administered directly into the venous circulation via a syringe or intravenous catheter (tube). The device used to administer an intravenous solution, such as the familiar IV drip.

Warrior Competition 2018 Day 2 Gut Check Route event KASOTC Amman Jordan 925 002
A team at the Warrior Competition 2018 during the Gut Check event transports an injured soldier to reach an extraction point. (Picture source Army Recognition)

If the team honestly try to administer the IV and fails, the team is assessed a Tier 3 penalty. If the team does not attempt to administer the IV the team will receive a Tier 5 penalty and a Tier 3 penalty for not successfully finishing the event with the IV administered to the casualty.

The IV must remain within the casualty until the team reaches the designated extraction/finish point. Should the IV come out or is removed before the finish line the Team will receive a Tier 3 penalty. Time for this event will stop once the last member of your team has crossed the designated finish line. Remember that all team members must cross the finish line in order for the time to stop.

At the end of the vent, each team has a designated holding area at the finish point in which all gear will be inspected for accountability and weight. For every piece of equipment that is missing the team is assessed a Tier 3 penalty and every rucksack not meeting the 45lbs/20.4kgs required weight upon final inspection will result in a Tier 5 penalty.

Day result of Gut Check Route Top 15:

1. Belarus - Special Operations  Forces
2. China - PAP Team
3. Austria - Cobra Team
4. China - PAP Team
5. Jordan - Royal Guards
6. Kazakhstan - National Army team
7. India - National Security Guard
8. Turkey - Gendarmerie Commando Special Operations
9. Portugal - COMPOESP Land Forces
10. Turley - Gendarmeri Commando school
11. Ukraine - Ministry of Defence
12. Sweden - Piketen
13. Greece - EKAM
14. Lebanon - Black Panther
15. Jordan - Special Unit 1