The President of Vietnam is the President of the national Defense and Security Council. The total active manpower of the Vietnamese armed forces is around 480,000 personnel. There is also a Paramilitary forces with 1,000,000 people of self-defence Forces, 500,000 people of Regional Forces and 60,000 border guards. The conscription is 12 months.
The land forces of the Vietnamese Army are around 450,000 soldiers with the structure:
14 corps HQ, 1 armoured division, 50 infantry divisions, 1 anti-aircraft division, 1 transport division, 7 engineer divisions, 4 construction regiments, 4 independent engineer brigades, 4 independent anti-aircraft brigades, 6 independent armoured brigades, 5 independent artillery regiments, 3 special operations regiments.

Military equipment and vehicle Vietnamese Army of Vietnam.